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How to use OpenAthens at UCF.
EZproxy will be fully decommissioned as of July 2023. Any links and integrations that still incorporate EZproxy will break.

UCF used EZproxy for decades and we incorporated it into thousands of links.  While we have updated most of those links to use OpenAthens, there may be some as-of-yet unfixes links hidden in course pages, plugins, emails, and other harder to find files. Update your links to use OpenAthens!

Update Basic EZproxy URLs

In most cases, you can update links to use OpenAthens by replacing the EZproxy stem with the OpenAthens Redirector stem. For more about the OpenAthens Redirector Stem see the Create OpenAthens Links portion of this guide.

Example UCF EZproxy Stems:


OpenAthens Redirector Stem:


More complicated changes

Some EZproxy URLs are more complicated, and may have a vendor domain embedded as the first portion of the URL (i.e. For complicated URLs, or if you have any problems or questions related to access via OpenAthens, contact Athena Hoeppner ( and provide a list of the URLs that need to work via OpenAthens.