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NGR 5800 - Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing: Introduction


This assignment module covers library research and introduces the wide range of information available to you as a UCF student. Practice exercises that walk you through database and catalog searches are included. Sign on with your NID and NID password for off-campus access to the databases and ebooks. This Off Campus Access page has detail on help for this process if needed. Please contact the librarians for any questions or help researching a topic. The librarians have access to the class and can correspond by email, discussion boards or chat to answer your questions.

At the completion of the Library Research Module, you will be able to:

  1. Remotely access UCF library resources
  2. Identify search strategies
  3. Find books using an online catalog
  4. Utilize interlibrary loan privileges
  5. Access different databases for journal articles
  6. Find full text articles
  7. Cite using APA style
  8. Review plagiarism guidelines

Review the practice exercises and complete the library research assignment.

Completion of practice exercises is optional but highly recommended. Student feedback and comments from previous classes mention the practice exercises helped with completing the final assignment.

For specific questions on assignments and for general reference questions, email the librarians using their Course Email and the name of the librarian assigned to your class.