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NGR 5800 - Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing: Practice 1

QuickSearch Practice

Let's Practice!

1. Access QuickSearch (formerly known as OneSearch) by using the search box on the library home page: Note: To access all of the full text, you will need to login from off-campus by entering your NID and NID password when prompted.

2. Let's pretend we are searching for eBooks related to mid range nursing theories.

3. Start by entering the term nurs* theor* in the main search box. Tip: Use the asterisk to search for the variation of a word. (e.g.- nurs* will retrieve nurse, nurses, and nursing).

Click on the blue Search button. You should retrieve over 200,000 results! 

4. Add the terms "mid* range" in the second line. Change the field to TX All Text on the right hand side. Tips: Changing the field to TX All Text will search beyond the regular fields such as the title, subject headings and table of contents and retrieves results with the term anywhere within the full text. Use quotation marks to search two words as a phrase (will only retrieve results with the two words adjacent to each other and in the prescribed order). 

You should now have 2900-3100 results (make sure that you change the field on the second line to TX all Text)

6. Limit your search to articles by checking the eBooks box under Source Type in the left hand column of the results list.