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Tests and Measures: Key Journals

Core Journals

The following journals are devoted exclusively educational and psychological measurement and evaluation. Please note, however, that many other journals not listed here may contain articles about these subjects; thus the need to consult a periodical database or index.

Applied Psychological Measurement
Main Library General Collection BF 39 .A66 (1977-2004)
Presents cutting-edge methodologies and related empirical research on educational, organizational, industrial, and clinical applications.

Educational and Psychological Measurement
Main Library General Collection BF 1 .E3 (1941-1979, 1985-1987, 1989-2005)
Main Library Microfiche BF 1 .E3 (1980-1988)
Publishes articles for the professional on problems in the field of measurement of individual differences, research on the development and use of tests and measurements in education, descriptions of testing prpograms, and reports pertinent to the measurement field.

Journal of Educational Measurement: JEM
Online version (1964+ except last 5 years)
Main Library General Collection LB 1131 .A1 N32 (2004+)
Published by the National Council on Measurement with the purpose of promotong "greater understanding and improved use of measurement techniques." Includes a review section for books, software, and published tests and measurements.

Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development
Online version (1990+ except last 18 months)
Main Library General Collection LB 1027.5 .M38 (1984+)
Contains articles dealing with the theoretical and practical problems of measurement and evaluation that are aimed at the administrator, counselor, or personnel worker in schools and colleges, public and private agencies, business, industry, or government.
According to the homepage of this journal, its purpose is "to provide access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice.... Manuscripts published ... are scholarly syntheses of research and ideas about methodological issues and practices."

Studies in Educational Evaluation: SEE
Main Library General Collection LB 2823 .S93 (1979-2004)
Publishes four types of articles: empirical evaluation studies representaing evaluation practice in educational systems around the world; theoretical refelctions and empirical studies related issues involved in the evaluation of educational programs, educational institutions, educational personnel, and student assessment; articles summarizing the state-of-the-art concerning specific topics in evaluation in general or in a particular country or group of countries; and book reviews and brief abstracts of evaluation studies.

Journal Locations

The vast majority of the UCF Libraries' journals are available full-text online. Sometimes, however, the complete run of back issues of journals will not be online, but may nonetheless be available in the Libraries. The location in the Main Library, Orlando, of the following formats of back issues, as well the current issues of some journal titles, are indicated below:

> Bound Volumes: shelved by call number in General Collection.

> Microfilm/Microfiche Volumes: shelved in cabinets by call number on 3rd Floor.

> Current Issues: shelved by title on 3rd Floor.

Scholarly or "Peer-Reviewed" Articles

Many journal databases have the capability to limit searches so that only scholarly or "peer-reviewed" articles are in the results list. Many instructors specify that only these types of articles (as opposed to articles that appear in popular magazines) may be used in students' papers and presentations. Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles have the following characteristics:

> Reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication

> Written by a scholar or specialist in the field

> Contain footnotes and/or references

> Frequently contain diagrams and charts but few glossy pictures

> Report on original research or experimentation

> Published by professional associations

> Employ terminology associated with the discipline