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McNair Scholars: Harper's Magazine Findings

1. Retrieve the article

In each issue since December 2003, the article on the last page of Harper's Magazine has presented an assortment of research findings. Retrieve the full text of the assigned article and read it. Choose one of the findings reported in the article.

2. When and where was the research originally reported?

You are free to search using whatever resources you choose. Try to retrieve the full text of an article in a scientific journal reporting the research findings prior to the excerpt reported in the issue of Harper's Magazine.

Answer the following:

1. Which issue of Harper's Magazine were you assigned?

2. Which research finding did you select to research?

3. If you found an article in a scientific journal reporting the research findings, provide the citation:

4. List each of the resources you searched (even if nothing was found) and briefly describe how you went about the search, including the terms you used in your search.