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Digital Humanities

About this Guide

This guide has been designed to help scholars and students understand the changing nature of research within the humanities. It includes  up-to-date information about the ever growing number of online digital collections as well as relevant publications, blogs,  conferences and other resources that are useful to scholars interested in digital humanities research. Below are brief explanations of the tabs in the guide.

News & Blogs
Highlights the ever-growing number of blogs and other news sources that focus on digital humanities projects.

Digital Archives & Libraries

This page highlights collections of digital resources, most of which have a particular theme or area of focus.

Books & Journals

Includes featured titles, book series, and core journals.

Tools & Technology
Links to new software and research tools that may be helpful to DH scholars.

Training & Support

Includes links to several institutes and other training programs.

Evaluating Digital Scholarship

Links to two key sources with guidelines for evaluating DH scholarship.

Access, Equity, & Ethics

Provides a wealth of information about access, equity, cultural protocols, digital ethics, and more.

Organizations & Initiatives

Lists most of the key DH organizations with updated conference info.

Funding Opportunities

Information about grants and other funding opportunities for DH scholars.

Lists some books, journals and reports that deal with digital humanities research.

Scholarly Communication
Links out to an expansive scholarly communication guide where you can find much more about author's rights, institutional repositories, open access and other related issues.

Digital Humanities at UCF