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Scholarly Communication

About this Guide

The current model of scholarly communication is rapidly evolving to meet the needs and expectations of the digital world. UCF Libraries' Scholarly Communication Advisory group created a mental model titled, "The Research Lifecycle @ UCF" to outline the path of scholarly communication at our institution. This guide has been designed to assist UCF scholars with information from many aspects of scholarly communication including copyright, digital scholarship, open access publishing, and funding policy requirements as well as highlight services available to scholars seeking assistance.


Copyright is applied to every original work, whether it's registered with the U.S. Copyright Office or not. Learn more about Copyright, Fair Use and ways to share your work with others using a Creative Commons license.

Digital Scholarship
Information on "born digital" publications.

Funding Policy Requirements
Information on metadata, data management plans, and resources for various funding agencies' requirements.

Scholarly Publishing
Information on open access, resources to help you decide where to publish, and citation analysis & metrics.

Research Lifecycle @ UCF

The research lifecycle at UCF visually represents the process UCF reasearchers follow, the resources available to them, the infrastructure that supports their work, as well as areas of need and potential future support.

Creative Commons License
All original content in this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Library Services

Citation Management Tools Renee Montgomery

Citation Metrics & Alternative Metrics
Ven Basco and Sarah Norris

Data Management Plans & Digital Repository
Lee Dotson

Discovery Support
Athena Hoeppner

Literature Reviewing
Ven Basco and Corinne Bishop

Sai Deng