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Scholarly Communication

Expanding Access to Your Research

There are many ways researchers and authors can promote discovery of their papers and datasets. Authors can increase the impact of their articles by:

  • writing an optimized abstract;
  • providing functional links to the full text;
  • posting about the paper to forums and social networks;
  • taking advantage of publisher provided promotional services.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, publishing your work in open access journals makes it easier for those without database or journal subscriptions to access your work (i.e., the public, libraries, and schools with limited budgets).

"Open Class" by flickr user opensourceway made avaiable under CC BY-SA

Open class

Available Services

Promoting on Social and Professional Networks

Promote your articles on social media and professional networks. To see how well your sharing strategy is working across different networks, Kudos can be used.

Functional Links to Your Article

Not all links work equally well for promoting an article. The best links for promotion allow anyone who has the link access the final, published version of your paper and continue working for the foreseeable future. Open Access journals provide the most reliable option for having links that work for everyone.

Getting sharable links to subscription papers is more complicated.

Tips for sharable links to subscription articles

  • Ask the publisher for an author eprint link that enables access for limited number of researchers or for a short period.
  • Link to a preprint version hosted on an institutional, organization, or discipline repository. UCF’s STARS repository can host your paper and provide a durable link if your publication agreement allows.

Tips from Publishers

Publishers are happy to help you promote your article in their journal, and many provide helpful advice and resources.

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