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Deciding Where to Publish

Deciding where to publish is highly dependent on your discipline's preferences as well as your department's requirements for promotion & tenure.

Most researchers evaluate potential publishers and journals by their reputation but don't forget to consider ethical concerns regarding open access and copyright terms.

Review the journals in your discipline and consider supporting those who follow an open access model by allowing you to self-archive your work and/or provide immediate public access to your work.

To find out which journals in your field provide open access, start by searching Sherpa/RoMeo, a resource that provides information about publisher copyright & self-archiving policies. To learn more about negotiating your rights with publishers, see Author Rights & Publication Agreements. To learn more about the Open Access Movement and open access journals, visit Open Access.

Journal Rankings

JCR: Journal Citation Reports -- A resources tool for journal evaluation and comparison of usage patterns for scholarly journals, using citation data drawn from titles worldwide. Among other data, JCR can provide a list of the most frequently cited titles, those with highest impact (i.e., the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a particular year), and those with the greatest immediacy (i.e., how quickly the average article in a journal is cited).


  • Sciences -- approximately 6,500 titles worldwide
  • Social Sciences -- approximately 1,700 titles worldwide
  • Arts & Humanities -- not covered

Resources about the Use of Journal Rankings

Additional Resources