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Social Explorer: How to Cite

provides help in using the database

Terms & Conditions of Use

Excerpts from Social Explorer (May 2012 -- see link below for details & updates):

3. Restricted Access to, and Distribution of, Content. Licensee may not distribute, make available, and/or attempt to make available, any of the Content in SOCIAL EXPLORER (whether alone or incorporated into other materials) to persons and/or entities other than: (a) other Authorized Users, (b) the audience members at a scholarly or educational presentation, lecture, seminar, or similar activity conducted by Licensee (via displays and print hand outs only), or (c) limited numbers of scholars or researchers, when Licensee is making available a work that incorporates Content for purposes of collaboration, comment, or similar educational or scholarly use, if such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field. Content may not be incorporated into an unrestricted database or website, or made available to others (electronically or otherwise) except as permitted herein, whether that Content is alone or incorporated into other materials.

4. Permitted Uses. Licensee may access, use, display, reproduce, and distribute the Content in SOCIAL EXPLORER, provided Licensee abides by the access and distribution restrictions in section 3, for the following Permitted Uses only: (a) research activities, including articles in books and other academic publications; (b) classroom instruction and related classroom activities; (c) student assignments; (d) public display as part of a noncommercial scholarly or educational presentation, such as in an educational, cultural, or scholarly seminar, class, lecture, conference, exhibit, or workshop, or a similar noncommercial professional activity, if such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field; and (e) use in research or a dissertation, including reproductions of the dissertation, provided such reproductions are only for personal use, library deposit, and/or use solely within Licensee’s institutional control. In all these cases, data, graphics, or other content accessed or generated with SOCIAL EXPLORER must be cited or sourced in a way that conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field.

Should Licensee’s access to SOCIAL EXPLORER terminate or expire, Licensee may keep only those print or electronic copies of Content appearing in lesson plans or in other pedagogical, educational, or scholarly materials for uses that are consistent with fair use and other exceptions to intellectual property rights laws, provided that such uses comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use, which shall survive the termination of access to SOCIAL EXPLORER.

Prohibited Uses. Licensee may not: (a) use SOCIAL EXPLORER for fee-for-service or fee-for-Content uses, or make any use, display, performance, reproduction, or distribution that exceeds or violates these Terms and Conditions of Use; (b) distribute and/or make available Content in SOCIAL EXPLORER to persons other than as expressly permitted herein; (c) provide and/or authorize access to SOCIAL EXPLORER such as through the sharing of passwords, to persons or entities other than Authorized Users; (d) attempt to override, circumvent, or disable any encryption features or software protections employed in SOCIAL EXPLORER.


15. Fair Use, Educational, and Other Exceptions to Copyright Laws. Nothing in this Agreement should be construed or interpreted to limit those uses of Content printed or exported from SOCIAL EXPLORER that are permitted under the fair use, educational exceptions, or other provisions to the copyright laws or other intellectual property right laws in the United States or in other countries, but Licensee makes such uses at Licensee’s own risk. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of Use should be construed as SOCIAL EXPLORER authorizing Licensee to incorporate Content into electronic or print materials that are for purchase or are disseminated for commercial purposes (such as by a scholarly or commercial press), to make any commercial use of SOCIAL EXPLORER or Content therein, or to make any use, display, performance, reproduction, or distribution of SOCIAL EXPLORER or Content therein not expressly authorized in these Terms and Conditions of use. Copyright is not claimed by SOCIAL EXPLORER as to any work of the United States government, or to any work that is in the public domain. Licensee expressly acknowledges and agrees that SOCIAL EXPLORER shall not be liable in any way for all uses that Licensee makes of the Content that exceeds these Terms and Conditions of Use, whether or not Licensee is relying on fair use and/or other provisions of the United States copyright or other intellectual property rights laws.

How to Cite Social Explorer