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PSY 3204 - Statistical Methods in Psychology (Ghiasinejad)

Additional resources including links to videos, to support your PSY3204 assignments

Access to Online Library Videos: General Information

You have convenient access to great resources to support your class assignments, from your computer and from the comfort of your home - or favorite coffee shop!

The UCF Libraries website - - provides access to a number of resources, including very helpful videos.  These videos are often broken into segments of just a few minutes, so that you can easily get the clarification you need.  Is a picture worth a thousand words?  You bet it is!  Take a look at some of the videos linked under the FMG Database tab and under the Sage Research Methods tab. 

If you're already logged in to databases for UCF Libraries, the links will take  you directly to the video.  If not, the links will direct you to a log-in box.

If you need any assistance with accessing these databases or any other UCF Libraries resource, please feel welcome to contact your Connect Campus Librarian at Sanford/Lake Mary, Peggy Nuhn.