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PSY 3204 - Statistical Methods in Psychology (Ghiasinejad)

Additional resources including links to videos, to support your PSY3204 assignments

Sage Research Methods Database Selections

The following video tutorials are from the library Sage Research Methods Database and will support your work in this class.  You may wish to browse the Sage Research Methods database for more, the links below are specific to statistics within the discipline of psychology and are part of a lecture series by Daniel Little, Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Australia. 

 Each of these videos is under 15 minutes long, to make them easy for you to view -- and review -- as often as needed.  You should find them helpful as supplemental material to help grasp some of the various concepts you'll encounter in this class.

If you're already logged in to databases for UCF Libraries, the links below will take you directly to the video.  If not, the links will direct you to a log-in box and from there you'll be able to access the video.