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E 441-444 - Slavery in the United States

Including general works on slavery in the South
For various political aspects of the slavery question of the Revolution to the Civil War period see E301, including especially E373, E407, E415.7, E416, E423, E433, E438, E440.5
For general works on African Americans, including the period since the Civil War see E185
See also HT851+ Slavery & the slave trade (General)

Call Number Subject
E 441 General works
Including history of slavery in general
For history to 1830 see E446+
For history, 1830-1863 see E449+
E 442 The internal slave trade. Slave markets & auctions
E 443 Slave life
Including duties of slaves & master, overseers
E 444 Biography. Personal narratives of slaves
For biography of fugitive slaves see E450
​See also E449 Life & writings of Frederick Douglass

E 445 - By state

Including history of antislavery movements
See also E185.93.A+ African Americans in the individual states

Call Number Subject
E 445.A3 Alabama
E 445.A8 Arkansas
E 445.D3 Delaware
E 445.D6 District of Columbia
E 445.F6 Florida
E 445.G3 Georgia
E 445.I2 Illinois
E 445.I8 Iowa
E 445.K5 Kentucky
E 445.L8 Louisiana
E 445.M3 Maryland
E 445.M4 Massachusetts
E 445.M6 Mississippi
E 445.M67 Missouri
E 445.N5 New England
E 445.N54 New Jersey
E 445.N55 New Mexico
E 445.N56 New York
See also F128.4 Negro plot in New York City, 1741
E 445.N8 North Carolina
E 445.P3 Pennsylvania
E 445.R4 Rhode Island
E 445.S7 South Carolina
See also F279.C4+ Charleston Insurrection (Denmark Vesey's Rebellion), 1822
E 445.T3 Tennessee
E 445.T47 Texas
E 445.V8 Virginia
See also F232.S7 Southampton Insurrection (Nat Turner's Rebellion), 1831
See also F234.R5+ Richmond Insurrection (Gabriel's Insurrection), 1800

E 446-448 - History of slavery to 1830

Call Number Subject
E 446 General works
Including attempts to revive slave trade, early anti-slavery movements
See also E309 Northwest Ordinance of 1787; E373 Missouri Compromise, 1820
E 447 Slave insurrections
Including mutiny on slave ships, e.g., Armistad (Schooner); Creole (Brig)
For individual insurrections, see local history, e.g., Charleston Insurrection (Denmark Vesey's
Rebellion), 1822 in F279.C4; New York Negro lot, 1741 in F128.4; Richmond Insurrection
(Gabriel's Insurrection), 1800 in F234.R5; Southampton Insurrection (Nat Turner's Rebellion),
1831 in F232.S7
E 448 Colonization
Including the American Colonization Society & affiliated organizations: their origin, plans,
history, etc.; also modern colonization societies
See also DT621+ Liberia

E 449-453 - History of slavery, 1830-1863. Period of abolition agitation

Including controversial literature
See also E337.8+ Political aspects of slavery question; E 416+ Wilmot Proviso, 1846; E423 Compromise of 1850;
E434.8 Brooks' assault on Senator Sumner, 1856; F273 Dispute between Massachusetts & South Carolina over
African American citizens of Massachusetts, 1845; F549.A4 Alton Riot, 1837; F685 Struggle between proslavery
& antislavery parties in Kansas

Call Number Subject
E 449 General works
Biography: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, William Jay,
Lucretia (Coffin) Mott, Wendell Phillips
E 450 Fugitive slaves
Including biographies & narratives of fugitive slaves
Including such events & cases as the Garrison mob, Boston, 1835
E 451 John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry, W.Va., 1859
E 453 Slaves & the slavery question in the Civil War