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Theatrical Costumes and Makeup

Overviews of the History of Costume & Fashion

Period Costume for Stage & Screen. Patterns for...

Patterns of Fashion, Books 1-4

Other Pattern Books

United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT)

Everyday Fashions, 1920-1969

Fashions of a Decade, 1920-1999

"Loaded with full-color illustrations, the Fashions of a Decade set provides an exciting new way for students to learn about modern history. The eight-volume set captures the wildly divergent clothing styles and trends that have played such a crucial role in defining our century. From the gaudy to the austere, from the shocking to the sublime, Fashions of a Decade chronicles the modern world's continual desire to express itself -- and to mold itself -- through fashion. What truly distinguishes this set is its exploration of these trends in the context of Western history. It looks at the dramatic world events, shifting social movements, and fascinating political and cultural movements that influenced the world of twentieth-century fashion."

Trade Catalogs

A selection of other books about costumes & costuming

New Titles Added to the UCF Library

GT500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion

PN2067-2069 The Theater. Acting. Special topics. Theatrical costume & costume design

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