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Some entries have blank pages saying "Text Not Viewable Online."

From the publisher: "Please Note: Literature Criticism Online contains 100% of the introductory, contextual and principal works/further reading content and, on average, almost 95% of the reprinted criticism over the life of the series. However, from time to time, Gale is unable to obtain electronic display rights for certain items. In these cases, we continue to pursue rights and, when obtained, load new content into the collection."

From the UCF Libraries: The missing text content seems to be confined to those volumes published from 1995 to 2012. With nothing missing from the pre-1995 volumes, "almost 95%...over the life of the series" translates to a rough average of 15% missing from each volume published from 1995 to 2012. A detailed analysis of the Drama Criticism volumes in 2010 confirmed that 15% approximation, with 82% of the topics missing one or more entries.

Where to Find the Missing Content from Drama Criticism

Literature Criticism Online provides online access to approximately 85% of the entries from the print publication.

Pages Under Construction

Additional pages might be created on this guide for some of the other sets covered by Literature Criticism Online if staff time permits. If you are looking for a specific entry which is missing from the online version, please contact Ask A Librarian for assistance.

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