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Access & Freedom of Information: Brechner Center

Brechner Center for Freedom of Information

Brechner Center for Freedom of Information (University of Florida) - "answers queries about media law from journalists, attorneys, and other members of the public. The Center is prepared to explain issues relating to media law, provide educational and training materials, react to current developments, and offer speakers for meetings and conferences."

Florida Government in the Sunshine: A Citizen's Guide

Attorney's Fees Database (1981+) - "a chronology of cases in which plaintiffs obtained litigation expenses in legal actions filed under the Florida Open Records or Open Meetings Law."

Prosecutions Database (1977+) - "lists known cases in which public officials either pleaded no contest or guilty to or were convicted of criminal or civil charges under the Open Records or Open Meetings Law."

Florida County Violations - county-by-county summaries of access issue stories reported in The Brechner Report since 1999

Marion Brechner Citizen Access Project - "to allow citizens and public officials to better understand public access to local government information in all 50 states."

Legislative Summaries & Legislative Updates