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HUM 2210 - Humanistic Traditions I (Ravela)

Great Events by Famous Historians (B.C. 5867 - A.D. 1914)

Volume I: B.C. 5867 - 451
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Dawn of Cvilization (B.C. 5867) by G.C.C. Maspero -- Compilation of the Earliest Code (B.C. 2250) by Hammurabi -- Theseus Founds Athens (B.C. 1235) by Plutarch -- The Formation of the Castes in India (B.C. 1200) by Gustave Le Bon, W.W. Hunter -- Fall of Troy (B.C. 1184) by George Grote -- Accession of Solomon: Building of the Temple at Jerusalem (B.C. 1017) by Henry Hart Milman -- Rise & Fall of Assyria: Destruction of Nineveh (B.C. 789) by F. Lenormant, E. Chevallier -- The Foundation of Rome (B.C. 753) by Barthold Georg Niebuhr -- Prince Jimmu Founds Japan's Capital (B.C. 660) by Sir Edward Reed, The "Nehongi" -- The Foundation of Buddhism (B.C. 623) by Thomas W. Rhys-Davids -- Pythian Games at Delphi (B.C. 585) by George Grote -- Solon's Early Greek Legislature (B.C. 594) by George Grote -- Conquests of Cyrus the Great (B.C. 550) by George Grote -- Rise of Confucius, the Chinese Sage (B.C. 550) by R.K. Douglas -- Rome Established as a Republic: Institution of Tribunes (B.C. 510-494) by Henry George Liddell -- The Battle of Marathon (B.C. 490) by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy -- Invasion of Greece by Persians under Xerxes: Defense of Thermopylae (B.C. 480) by Herodotus -- Universal Chronology (B.C. 586-451) by John Rudd

Volume II: B.C. 450 - A.D. 12 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Institution & Fall of the Decemvirate in Rome (B.C. 450) by Henry G. Liddell -- Pericles Rules in Athens (B.C. 444) by Plutarch -- Great Plague at Athens (B.C. 430) by George Grote -- Defeat of the Athenians at Syracuse (B.C. 413) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks (B.C. 401-399) by Xenophon -- Condemnation & Death of Socrates (B.C. 399) by Plato -- Brennus Burns Rome (B.C. 388) by Barthold Georg Niebuhr -- Tartar Invasion of China by Meha (B.C. 341) by Demetrius Charles Boulger -- Alexander Reduces Tyre: Later Founds Alexandria (B.C. 332) by Oliver Goldsmith -- The Battle of Arbela (B.C. 331) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- First Battle Between Greeks & Romans (B.C. 280-279) by Plutarch -- The Punic Wars (B.C. 264-219-149) by Florus -- Battle of the Metaurus (B.C. 207) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- Scipio Africanus Crushes Hannibal at Zama & Subjugates Carthage (B.C. 202) by Livy -- Judas Maccabaeus Liberates Judea (B.C. 165-141) by Josephus -- The Gracchi & Their Reforms (B.C. 133) by Theodor Mommsen -- Caesar Conquers Gaul (B.C. 58-50) by Napoleon III -- Roman Invasion & Conquest of Britain (B.C. 55-A.D. 79) by Oliver Goldsmith -- Cleopatra's Conquest of Caesar & Antony (B.C. 51-30) by John P. Mahaffy -- Assassination of Caesar (B.C. 44) by Niebuhr, Plutarch -- Rome Becomes a Monarchy: Death of Antony & Cleopatra (B.C. 44-30) by Henry George Liddell -- Germans under Arminius Revolt Against Rome (A.D. 9) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- Universal Chronology (B.C. 450-A.D. 12) by John Rudd

Volume III: A.D 13 - 409 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Germanicus in Germany (A.D. 13-16) by Tacitus -- The Crucifixion (A.D. 30) by Frederic William Farrar -- The Rise & Spread of Christianity (A.D. 33) by Renan, Wise, Newman -- Burning of Rome under Nero (A.D. 64) by Sienkiewicz, Tacitus -- Persecution of the Christians under Nero (A.D. 64-68) by Frederic William Farrar -- The Great Jewish Revolt: Siege & Destruction of Jerusalem (A.D. 70) by Josephus -- Destruction of Pompeii (A.D. 79) by Pliny, Lytton -- The Jews' Last Struggle for Freedom: Their Final Dispersion (A.D. 132) by Charles Merivale -- Martyrdom of Polycarp & Justin Martyr: Polycarp's Epistle to the Philippians (A.D. 155) by Homersham Cox, Polycarp -- Persecution of the Christians in Gaul (A.D. 177) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- Beginning of Rome's Decline: Commodus (A.D. 180) by Edward Gibbon -- Eventful Reign of Sapor I, King of Persia (A.D. 241) by George Rawlinson -- Conversion of Constantine: Decline of Paganism (A.D. 300-337) by Johann L. Von Mosheim -- First Nicene Council: Rise & Decline of Arianism (A.D. 325) by Johann L. Von Mosheim, Arthur P. Stanley, John Alzog -- Foundation of Constantinople (A.D. 330) by Edward Gibbon -- Julian the Apostate Becomes Emperor of Rome (A.D. 360) by Edward Gibbon -- The Huns & Their Western Migration (A.D. 374-376) by Marcellinus -- Final Division of Roman Empire: The Disruptive Intrigues (A.D. 395) by J.B. Bury -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 13-409) by John Rudd

Volume IV: A.D. 410 - 842 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Visigoths Pillage Rome (A.D. 410) by Edward Gibbon -- Huns Invade the Eastern Roman Empire: Attila Dictates a Treaty of Peace (A.D. 441) by Edward Gibbon -- The English Conquest of Britain (A.D. 449-579) by John R. Green, Charles Knight -- Attila Invades Western Europe: Battle of Chalons (A.D. 451) by Sir Edward S. Creasy, Edward Gibbon -- Foundation of Venice (A.D. 452) by Thomas Hodgkin, John Ruskin -- Clovis Founds the Kingdom of the Franks: It Becomes Christian (A.D. 486-511) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- Publication of the Justinian Code (A.D. 529-534) by Edward Gibbon -- Augustine's Missionary Work in England (A.D. 597) by The Venerable Bede, John R. Green -- The Hegira: Career of Mahomet: The Koran: and Mahometan Creed (A.D. 622) by Washington Irving, Simon Ockley -- The Saracen Conquest of Syria (A.D. 636) by Simon Ockley -- Saracens Conquer Egypt: Destruction of the Library at Alexandria (A.D. 640) by Washington Irving -- Evolution of the Dogeship in Venice (A.D. 697) by William C. Hazlitt -- Saracens in Spain: Battle of the Guadalete (A.D. 711) by Ahmed ibn Mahomet al-Makkari -- Battle of Tours (A.D. 732) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- Founding of the Carlovingian Dynasty: Pepin the Short Strengthens the Papal Power (A.D. 751) by Francois P.G. Guizot, Horace K. Mann -- Career of Charlemagne (A.D. 772-814) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- Egbert Becomes King of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy (A.D. 827) by David Hume -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 410-842) by John Rudd

Volume V: A.D. 843 - 1161 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Feudalism: Its Frankish Birth & English Development (9th to 12th Century) by William Stubbs -- Decay of the Frankish Empire: Division into Modern France, Germany & Italy (A.D. 843-911) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- Career of Alfred the Great (A.D. 871-901) by Thomas Hughes, John R. Green -- Henry the Fowler Founds the Saxon Line of German Kings: Origin of the German Burghers or Middle Classes (A.D. 911-936) by Wolfgang Menzel -- Conquest of Egypt by the Fatimites (A.D. 969) by Stanley Lane-Poole -- Growth & Decadence of Chivalry (10th to 15th Century) by Leon Gautier -- Conversion of Vladimir the Great: Introduction of Christianity into Russia (A.D. 988-1015) by A.N. Mouravieff -- Leif Ericson Discovers America (A.D. 1000) by Charles C. Rafn, Saga of Eric the Red -- Mahometans in India: Bloody Invasions under Mahmud (A.D. 1000) by Alexander Dow -- Canute Becomes King of England (A.D. 1017) by David Hume -- Henry III Deposes the Popes: The German Empire Controls the Papacy (A.D. 1048) by Ferdinand Gregorovius, Joseph Darras -- Dissension & Separation of the Greek & Roman Churches (A.D. 1054) by Henry F. Tozer, Joseph Deharbe -- Norman Conquest of England: Battle of Hastings (A.D. 1066) by sir Edward S. Creasy -- Triumphs of Hildebrand: "The Turning-point of the Middle Ages" : Henry IV Begs for Mercy at Canossa (A.D. 1073-1085) by Arthur R. Pennington, Artaud de Montor -- Completion of the Domesday Book (A.D. 1086) by Charles Knight -- Decline of the Moorish Power in Spain: Growth & Decay of the Almoravide & Almohade Dynasties (A.D. 1086-1214) by S.A. Dunham -- The First Crusade (A.D. 1096-1099) by Sir George W. Cox -- Foundation of the Order of Knights Templars (A.D. 1118) by Charles G. Addison -- Stephen Usurps the English Crown: His Conflicts with Matilda: Decisive Influence of the Church (A.D. 1135-1154) by Charles Knight -- Antipapal Democratic Movement: Arnold of Brescia: St. Bernard & the Second Crusade (A.D. 1145-1155) by Johann A.W. Neander -- Decline of the Byzantine Empire: Ravages of Roger of Sicily (A.D. 1146) by George Finlay -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 843-1161) by John Rudd

Volume VI: A.D. 1162 - 1300 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Archiepiscopate of Thomas Becket: His Defence of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction: His Assassination ((A.D. 1162-1170) by John Lingard -- The Peace of Constance Secures the Liberties of the Lombard Cities (A.D. 1183) by Ernest F. Henderson -- Saladin Takes Jerusalem from the Christians (A.D. 1187) by Sir George W. Cox -- The Third Crusade (A.D. 1189-1194) by Henry Von Sybel -- The Teutonic Knights: Their Organization & History (A.D. 1190-1809) by F.C. Woodhouse -- Philip of France Wins the French Domains of the English Kings (A.D. 1202-1204) by Kate Norgate -- Founding of the Mongol Empire by Genghis Khan (A.D. 1203) by Henry H. Howorth -- Venetians & Crusaders Take Constantinople: Plunder of the Sacred Relics (A.D. 1204) by Edwin Pears -- Latin Empire of the East: Its Foundation & Fall (A.D. 1204-1261) by W.J. Brodribb, Sir Walter Besant -- Innocent III Exalts the Papal Power (A.D. 1208) by T.F. Tout -- Signing of Magna Charta (A.D. 1215) by David Hume -- The Golden Bull, "Hungary's Magna Charta," Signed (A.D. 1222) by E.O.S. -- Russia Conquered by the Tartar Hordes: Alexander Nevski Saves the Remnant of His People (A.D. 1224-1262) by Alfred Rambaud -- The Sixth Crusade: Treaty of Frederick II with the Saracens (A.D. 1228) by Sir George W. Cox -- Rise of the Hanseatic League (A.D. 1241) by H. Denicke -- Mamelukes Usurp Power in Egypt (A.D. 1250) by Sir William Muir -- The "Mad Parliament" : Beginning of England's House of Commons (A.D. 1258) by John Lingard -- Louis IX Leads the Last Crusade (A.D. 1270) by Joseph Francois Michaud -- Height of the Mongol Power in China (A.D. 1271) by Marco Polo -- Founding of the House of Hapsburg (A.D. 1273) by William Coxe -- Edward I Conquers Wales (A.D. 1277) by Charles H. Pearson -- Japanese Repel the Tartars (A.D. 1281) by Edward H. Parker, Marco Polo -- The Sicilian Vespers (A.D. 1282) by Michele Amari -- Expulsion of Jews from England (A.D. 1290) by Henry Hart Milman -- Exploits & Death of William Wallace, the "Hero of Scotland" (A.D. 1297-1305) by Sir Walter Scott -- First Great Jubilee of the Roman Catholic Church (A.D. 1300) by Ferdinand Gregorovius -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1162-1300) by John Rudd

Volume VII: A.D. 1301 - 1438 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Dante Composes the Divina Commedia (A.D. 1300-1318) by Richard William Church -- Third Estate Joins in the Government of France (A.D. 1302) by Henri Martin -- War of the Flemings with Philip the Fair of France (A.D. 1302) by Eyre Evans Crowe -- First Swiss Struggle for Liberty (A.D. 1308) by F. Grenfell Baker -- Battle of Bannockburn (A.D. 1314) by Andrew Lang -- Extinction of the Order of Knights Templars: Burning of Grand Master Molay (A.D. 1314) by F.C. Woodhouse, Henry Hart Milman -- James van Artevelde Leads a Flemish Revolt: Edward III of England Assumes the Title of King of France (A.D. 1337-1340) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- Battles of Sluys & Crecy (A.D. 1340-1346) by Sir John Froissart -- Modern Recognition of Scenic Beauty: Crowning of Petrarch at Rome (A.D. 1341) by Jacob Burckhardt -- Rienzi's Revolution in Rome (A.D. 1347) by Richard Lodge -- Beginning & Progress of the Renaissance (14th to 16th Century) by John Addington Symonds -- The Black Death Ravages Europe (A.D. 1348) by J.F.C. Hecker, Giovanni Boccaccio -- First Turkish Dominion in Europe: Turks Seize Gallipoli (A.D. 1354) by Joseph Von Hammer-Purgstall -- Conspiracy & Death of Marino Falieri at Venice (A.D. 1355) by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant -- Charles IV of Germany Publishes His Golden Bull (A.D. 1356) by Sir Robert Comyn -- Insurrection of the Jacquerie in France (A.D. 1358) by Sir John Froissart -- Conquests of Timur the Tartar (A.D. 1370-1405) by Edward Gibbon -- Dancing Mania of the Middle Ages (A.D. 1374) by J.F.C. Hecker -- Election of Antipope Clement VII: Beginning of the Great Schism (A.D. 1378) by Henry Hart Milman, Ludwig Pastor -- Genoese Surrender to Venetians (A.D. 1380) by Henry Hallam -- Rebellion of Wat Tyler (A.D. 1381) by John Lingard -- Wycliffe Translates the Bible into English (A.D. 1382) by J. Paterson Smyth, J.M. Stone -- The Swiss Win Their Independence: Battle of Sempach (A.D. 1386-1389) by F. Grenfell Baker -- Union of Denmark, Sweden & Norway (A.D. 1397) by Paul C. Sinding -- Deposition of Richard II: Henry IV Begins the Line of Lancaster (A.D. 1399) by John Lingard -- Discovery of the Canary Islands & the African Coast: Beginning of Negro Slave Trade (A.D. 1402) by Sir Arthur Helps -- Council of Constance (A.D. 1414) by Richard Lodge -- Trial & Burning of John Huss: The Hussite Wars (A.D. 1415) by Richard Chenevix Trench -- The House of Hohenzollern Established in Brandenburg (A.D. 1415) by Thomas Carlyle -- Battle of Agincourt: English Conquest of France (A.D. 1415) by James Gairdner -- Jeanne d'Arc's Victory at Orleans (A.D. 1429) by Sir Edward S. Creasy -- Trial & Execution of Jeanne d'Arc (A.D. 1431) by Jules Michelet -- Charles VII Issues His Pragmatic Sanction: Establishment of the Gallican Church (A.D. 1438) by W. Henley Jervis, Rene F. Rohrbacker -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1301-1438) by John Rudd

Volume VIII: A.D. 1438 - 1516 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Origin & Progress of Printing (A.D. 1438) by Henry George Bohn -- John Hunyady Repulses the Turks (A.D. 1440-1456) by Arminius Vambery -- Rebuilding of Rome by Nicholas V, the "Builder-pope" (A.D. 1447-1455) by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant -- Mahomet II Takes Constantinople: End of the Eastern Empire (A.D. 1453) by George Finlay -- Wars of the Roses: Death of Richard III at Bosworth (A.D. 1455-1485) by David Hume -- Ivan the Great Unites Russia & Breaks the Tartar Yoke (A.D. 1462-1505) by Robert Bell -- Culmination of the Power of Burgundy: Treaty of Peronne (A.D. 1468) by P.F. Willert -- Lorenzo de'Medici Rules in Florence: Zenith of Florentine Glory (A.D. 1469) by Oliphant Smeaton -- Death of Charles the Bold: Louis XI Unites Burgundy with the Crown of France (A.D. 1477) by Philippe de Comines -- Inquisition Established in Spain (A.D. 1480) by William H. Rule, James Balme -- Murder of the Princes in the Tower (A.D. 1483) by James Gairdner -- Conquest of Granada (A.D. 1490) by Washington Irving -- Columbus Discovers America (A.D. 1492) by Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Columbus -- Conspiracy, Rebellion & Execution of Perkin Warbeck (A.D. 1492) by Francis Bacon -- Savonarola's Reforms & Death: The French Invade Italy (A.D. 1494) by Pasquale Villari, ean C.L. Sismondi -- Discovery of the Mainland of North America by the Cabots (A.D. 1497) by Samuel Edward Dawson -- The Sea Route to India: Vasco da Gama Sails around Africa (A.D 1498) by Gaspar Correa -- Columbus Discovers South America (A.D. 1498) by Clements Robert Markham -- Establishment of Swiss Independence (A.D. 1499) by Heinrich Zschokke -- Amerigo Vespucci in America (A.D. 1499) by Amerigo Vespucci -- Rise & Fall of the Borgias (A.D. 1502) by Niccolo Machiavelli -- Painting of the Sistine Chapel: The Splendor of Renaissance Art under Michelangelo (A.D. 1508) by Charles Clement -- Balboa Discovers the Pacific (A.D. 1513) by Manuel Jose Quintana -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1438-1516) by John Rudd

Volume IX: A.D. 1517 - 1557 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Luther Begins the Reformation in Germany (A.D. 1517) by Julius Koestlin, Jean M.V. Audin -- Negro Slavery in America: Its Introduction by Law (A.D. 1517) by Sir Arthur Helps -- First Circumnavigation of the Globe: Magellan Reaches the Ladrones & Philippines (A.D. 1519) by Joan Bautista, Antonio Pigafetta -- The Field of the Cloth of Gold (A.D. 1520) by J.S. Brewer -- Cortes Captures the City of Mexico (A.D. 1521) by William H. Prescott -- Liberation of Sweden (A.D 1523) by Eric Gustave Geijer -- The Peasants' War in Germany (A.D. 1524) by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne -- France Loses Italy: Battle of Pavia (A.D. 1525) by William Robertson -- Sack of Rome by the Imperial Troops (A.D. 1527) by Benvenuto Cellini, T. Adolphus Trollope -- Great Religious Movement in England: Fall of Wolsey (A.D. 1529) by John Richard Green -- Pizarro Conquers Peru (A.D. 1532) by Hernando Pizarro, William H. Prescott -- Calvin is Driven from Paris: He Makes Geneva the Stronghold of Protestantism (A.D. 1533) by A.M. Fairbairn, Jean M.V. Audin -- England Breaks with the Roman Church: Destruction of Monasteries (A.D. 1534) by John Richard Green, John Alzog -- Cartier Explores Canada (A.D. 1534) by H.H. Miles -- Mendoza Settles Buenos Aires (A.D. 1535) by Robert Southey -- Founding of the Jesuits (A.D. 1540) by Isaac Taylor, Joseph Deharbe -- De Soto Discovers the Mississippi (A.D. 1541) by John S.C. Abbott -- Revolution of Astronomy by Copernicus (A.D. 1543) by Sir Robert Stawell Ball -- Council of Trent & the Counter-reformation (A.D. 1545) by Adolphus W. Ward -- Protestant Struggle against Charles V: The Smalkaldic War (A.D. 1546) by Edward Armstrong -- Introduction of Christianity into Japan (A.D. 1549) by John H. Gubbins -- Collapse of the Power of Charles V: France Seizes German Bishoprics (A.D. 1552) by Lady C.C. Jackson -- The Religious Peace of Augsburg: Abdication of Charles V (A.D. 1555) by William Robertson -- Akbar Establishes the Mogul Empire in India (A.D. 1556) by J. Talboys Wheeler -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1517-1557) by John Rudd

Volume X: A.D. 1558 - 1608 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- England Loses Her Last French Territory: Battle of St. Quentin (A.D. 1558) by Charles Knight -- Reign of Elisabeth (A.D. 1558-1603) by Henry R. Cleveland -- John Knox Heads the Scottish Reformers (A.D. 1559) by P. Hume Brown, Thomas Carlyle -- Mary Stuart: Her Reign & Execution (A.D. 1561-1587) by Algernon Charles Swinburne -- Founding of St. Augustine: Massacre of the Huguenots in America (A.D. 1565) by George R. Fairbanks -- Revolt of the Netherlands against Spain: Rise of the Gueux or Beggars (A.D. 1566) by Friedrich Von Schiller -- Lepanto: Destruction of the Turkish Naval Power (A.D. 1571) by Sir William Stirling-Maxwell -- Massacre of St. Bartholomew (A.D. 1572) by Henry White, Isaac D'Israeli, Jno. Rudd -- Heroic Age of the Netherlands: Siege of Leyden (A.D. 1573) by Thomas Henry Dyer -- Search for the Northwest Passage by Frobisher (A.D. 1576) by George Best -- Building of the First Theatre in England (A.D. 1576) by Karl Mantzius -- Cossack Conquest of Siberia (A.D. 1581) by Nikolai M. Karamzin -- First Colony of England Beyond Seas (A.D. 1583) by Moses Harvey -- Assassination of William of Orange: Division of the Netherlands (A.D. 1584) by John Lothrop Motley -- Naming of Virginia: First Description of the Indians: The Lost Colony (A.D. 1584) by Arthur Barlow, R.R. Howison -- Drake Captures Cartagena: He "Singes the King of Spain's Beard" at Cadiz (A.D. 1586-1587) by Julian Corbett -- Defeat of the Spanish Armada (A.D. 1588) by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy -- Henry of Navarre Accepts Catholicism: He is Acknowledged King of France (A.D. 1593) by Maximilien de Bethune, Duc de Sully -- Culmination of Dramatic Literature in Hamlet (A.D. 1601) by James O. Halliwell-Phillipps -- Downfall of Irish Liberty: "Flight of the Earls" (A.D. 1603) by Justin M.Carthy -- The Gunpowder Plot (A.D. 1605) by Samuel R. Gardiner -- Cervantes' Don Quixote Reforms Literature (A.D. 1605) by Henry Edward Watts -- Earliest Positive Discovery of Australia (A.D. 1606) by Louis Becke, Walter Jeffery -- Settlement of Virginia: Charter under which America was Colonized (A.D. 1607) by R.R. Howison -- Founding of Quebec: Champlain Establishes French Power in Canada (A.D. 1608) by H.H. Miles -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1558-1608) by John Rudd

Volume XI: A.D. 1609 - 1660 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Henry Hudson Explores the Hudson River (A.D. 1609) by Henry R. Cleveland -- Galileo Overthrows Ancient Philosophy: The Telescope & Its Discoveries (A.D. 1610) by Sir Oliver Lodge -- The Beginning of British Power in India (A.D. 1612) by Beckles Willson -- The Dutch Settlement of New York (A.D. 1614) by David T. Valentine -- Harvey Discovers the Circulation of the Blood (A.D. 1616) by Thomas H. Huxley -- The "Defenestration" at Prague: The Thirty Years' War (A.D. 1618) by Samuel R. Gardiner, Charles F. Horne -- The First American Legislature (A.D. 1619) by Charles Campbell -- Introduction of Negroes into Virginia: Spread of Slavery & Cultivation of Tobacco (A.D. 1619) by Charles Campbell, John M. Ludlow -- English Pilgrims Settle at Plymouth (A.D. 1620) by John S. Barry -- The Birth of Modern Scientific Methods: Bacon & Descartes (A.D. 1620) by George Henry Lewes -- Siege of La Rochelle: Richelieu Rules France (A.D. 1627) by Andrew D. White -- The Great Puritan Exodus to New England: The Founding of Boston (A.D. 1630) by John G. Palfrey -- Triumph & Death of Gustavus Adolphus at Luetzen (A.D. 1632) by Benjamin Chapman -- Recantation of Galileo (A.D. 1633) by Sir Oliver Lodge, J.M. Stone -- The Educational Reform of Comenius (A.D. 1638) by Simon Somerville Laurie -- The First Written Free Constitution in the World (A.D. 1639); Earliest Union among American Colonies (A.D. 1643) by Gideon H. Hollister, John Marshall -- Abolition of the Court of Star-chamber: The Popular Revolt against Charles I (A.D. 1641) by Henry Hallam, Lord Macaulay -- The Founding of Montreal (A.D. 1642) by Alfred Sandham -- Presbyterianism Established: Meeting of the Westminster Assembly (A.D. 1643) by David Masson -- Masaniello's Revolt at Naples (A.D. 1657) by Alfred Von Reumont -- The Peace of Westphalia: The War of the Fronde (A.D. 1648) by Arthur Hassall -- Religious Toleration Proclaimed in Maryland (A.D. 1649) by G.L. Davis -- The Great Civil War in England: The Execution of Charles I (A.D. 1649) by Lord Macaulay, Charles Knight -- Cromwell's Campaign in Ireland (A.D. 1649) by Frederic Harrison -- Moliere Creates Modern Comedy (A.D. 1659) by Henri van Laun -- Cromwell's Rule in England: The Restoration (A.D. 1660) by Thomas Carlyle, John Richard Green, Samuel Pepys -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1609-1660) by John Rudd

Volume XII: A.D. 1661 - 1715 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Louis XIV Establishes Absolute Monarchy (A.D. 1661) by James Cotter Morison -- New York Taken by the English (A.D. 1664) by John R. Brodhead -- Great Plague in London (A.D. 1665) by Daniel Defoe -- Great Fire in London (A.D. 1666) by John Evelyn -- Discovery of Gravitation (A.D. 1666) by Sir David Brewster -- Morgan, the Buccaneer, Sacks Panama (A.D. 1666) by Johann W. Von Archenholz -- Struggle of the Dutch against France & England (A.D. 1672) by C.M. Davies -- Discovery of the Mississippi: La Salle Names Louisiana (A.D. 1673-1682) by Francois Xavier Garneau -- King Philip's War (A.D. 1675) by Richard Hildreth -- Growth of Prussia under the Great Elector: His Victory at Fehrbellin (A.D. 1675) by Thomas Carlyle -- William Penn Receives the Grant of Pennsylvania: Founding of Philadelphia (A.D. 1681) by George E. Ellis -- Last Turkish Invasion of Europe: Sobieski Saves Vienna (A.D. 1683) by Sutherland Menzies -- Monmouth's Rebellion (A.D. 1685) by Gilbert Burnet -- Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (A.D. 1685) by Bon Louis Henri Martin -- The English Revolution: Flight of James II (A.D. 1688) by Gilbert Burnet, H.D. Traill -- Peter the Great Modernizes Russia: Suppression of the Streltsi (A.D. 1689) by Alfred Rambaud -- Tyranny of Andros in New England: The Bloodless Revolution (A.D. 1689) by Charles Wyllys Elliott -- Massacre of Lachine (A.D. 1689) by Francois Xavier Garneau -- Siege of Londonderry & Battle of the Boyne (A.D. 1689-1690) by Tobias George Smollett -- Salem Witchcraft Trials (A.D. 1692) by Richard Hildreth -- Establishment of the Bank of England (A.D. 1694) by John Francis -- Colonization of Louisiana (A.D. 1699) by Charles E.T. Gayarre -- Prussia Proclaimed a Kingdom (A.D. 1701) by Leopold Von Ranke -- Founding of St. Petersburg (A.D. 1703) by K. Waliszewski -- Battle of Blenheim: Curbing of Louis XIV (A.D. 1704) by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy -- Union of England & Scotland (A.D. 1707) by John Hill Burton -- Downfall of Charles XII at Poltava: Triumph of Russia (A.D. 1709) by K. Waliszewski -- Capture of Port Royal: France Surrenders Nova Scotia to England (A.D. 1710) by Duncan Campbell -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1661-1715) by John Rudd

Volume XIII: A.D. 1716 - 1776 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- John Law Promotes the Mississippi Scheme (A.D. 1716) by Louis Adolphe Thiers -- Prince Eugene Vanquishes the Turks: Siege & Battle of Belgrad (A.D. 1717) by Prince Eugene of Savoy -- Bursting of the South Sea Bubble (A.D. 1720) by Louis Adolphe Thiers -- Bach Lays the Foundation of Modern Music (A.D. 1723) by Henry Tipper -- Settlement of Georgia (A.D. 1732) by William B. Stevens -- Rise of Methodism: Preaching of the Wesleys & of Whitefield (A.D. 1738) by William E.H. Lecky -- Conquests of Nadir Shah: Capture of Delhi (A.D. 1739) by Sir John Malcolm -- First Modern Novel (A.D. 1740) by Edmund Gosse -- Frederick the Great Seizes Silesia: Maria Theresa Appeals to the Hungarians (A.D. 1740) by William Smyth -- Defeat of the Young Pretender at Culloden: Last of the Stuarts (A.D. 1746) by Justin M'Carthy -- Benjamin Franklin Experiments with Electricity (A.D. 1747) by John Bigelow, Benjamin Franklin -- Voltaire Directs European Thought from Geneva (A.D. 1755) by John Morley, George W. Kitchin -- Braddock's Defeat (A.D. 1755) by Winthrop Sargent, George Washington, Captain de Contrecceur -- Exile of the Acadian Neutrals (A.D. 1755) by William H. Withrow -- Clive Establishes British Supremacy in India: Black Hole of Calcutta: Battle of Plassey (A.D. 1756) by Sir Alexander J. Arbuthnot -- Seven Years' War: Battle of Torgau (A.D. 1756-1763) by Wolfgang Menzel, Frederick the Great -- Conquest of Canada: Victory of Wolfe at Quebec (A.D. 1759) by A.G. Bradley -- Usurpation of Catharine II in Russia (A.D. 1762) by W. Knox Johnson -- Conspiracy of Pontiac (A.D. 1763) by E.O. Randall -- American Colonies Oppose the Stamp Act: Patrick Henry's Speech (A.D. 1765) by James Grahame, George Bancroft -- Watt Improves the Steam-engine (A.D. 1769) by Francois Arago -- First Partition of Poland (A.D. 1772) by James Fletcher -- The Boston Tea Party (A.D. 1773) by George Bancroft -- Cotton Manufacture Developed (A.D. 1774) by Thomas F. Henderson -- Intellectual Revolt of Germany: Goethe's Werther Arouses Romanticism (A.D. 1775) by Karl Hillebrand -- Pestalozzi's Method of Education (A.D. 1775) by George Ripley -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1716-1776) by John Rudd

Volume XIV: A.D. 1775 - 1799 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- The Battle of Lexington (A.D. 1775) by Richard Frothingham -- The Battle of Bunker Hill (A.D. 1775) by John Burgoyne, John Heneage Jesse, James Grahame -- Canada Remains Loyal to England: Montgomery's Invasion (A.D. 1775) by John M'Mullen -- Signing of the American Declaration of Independence (A.D. 1776) by Thomas Jefferson, John A. Doyle -- The Defeat of Burgoyne at Saratoga (A.D. 1777) by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy -- The First Victory of the American Navy (A.D. 1779) by Alexander Slidell Mackenzie -- Joseph II Attempts Reform in Hungary (A.D. 1780) by Arminius Vambery -- Siege & Surrender of Yorktown (A.D. 1781) by Henry B. Dawson, Lord Cornwallis -- British Defence of Gibraltar (A.D. 1782) by Frederick Sayer -- Close of the American Revolution (A.D. 1782) by John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens, John M. Ludlow -- Settlement of American Loyalists in Canada (A.D. 1783) by Sir John G. Bourinot -- The First Balloon Ascension (A.D. 1783) by Hatton Turnor -- Framing of the Constitution of the U.S. (A.D. 1787) by Andrew W. Young, Joseph Story -- Inauguration of Washington: His Farewell Address (A.D. 1789-1797) by James K. Paulding, George Washington -- French Revolution: Storming of the Bastille (A.D. 1789) by William Hazlitt -- Hamilton Establishes the U.S. Bank (A.D. 1791) by Alexander Hamilton, Lawrence Lewis, Jr. -- The Negro Revolution in Haiti: Toussaint Louverture Establishes the Dominion of his Race (A.D. 1791) by Charles Wyllys Elliott -- Republican France Defies Europe: The Battle of Valmy (A.D. 1792) by Alphonse M.L. Lamartine -- The Invention of the Cotton-gin: Enormous Growth of the Cotton Industry in America (A.D. 1793) by Charles W. Dabney, R.B. Handy, Denison Olmsted -- The Execution of Louis XVI: Murder of Marat: Civil War in France (A.D. 1793) by Thomas Carlyle -- The Reign of Terror (A.D. 1794) by Francois P.G. Guizot -- The Downfall of Poland (A.D. 1794) by Sir Archibald Alison -- The Rise of Napoleon: The French Conquest of Italy (A.D. 1796) by Sir Walter Scott -- Overthrow of the Mamelukes: the Battle of the Nile (A.D. 1798) by Charles Knight -- Jenner Introduces Vaccination (A.D. 1798( by Sir Thomas J. Pettigrew -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1775-1799) by John Rudd

Volume XV: A.D. 1800 - 1815 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Union of Ireland with Great Britain: The Great Irish Rebellion (A.D. 1800) by William O'Connor Morris -- Rise of the Democratic Party in the U.S.; Jefferson's Inaugural (A.D. 1801) by Herman Von Holst, Thomas Jefferson -- The Louisiana Purchase (A.D. 1803) by Henry S. Randall -- The Tripolitan War (A.D. 1804) by J. Fenimore Cooper -- The Coronation of Napoleon (A.D. 1804) by William Hazlitt -- The Lewis & Clark Expedition (A.D 1804) by James Davie Butler, Robert Southey -- The Battle of Trafalgar: England becomes Mistress of the Seas (A.D. 1805) by Robert Southey -- The Battle of Austerlitz (A.D. 1805) by Pierre Lanfrey -- The British Acquisition of Cape Colony (A.D. 1806) by Henry A. Bryden -- Prussia Crushed by Napoleon (A.D. 1806) by Sir Walter Scott -- The First Practical Steamboat (A.D. 1807) by James Renwick -- Wellington's Pensinsular Campaign (A.D. 1808-1813) by John Richard Green -- Brazil becomes Independent (A.D. 1808-1822) by Daniel P. Kidder -- The Revolution in Mexico (A.D. 1810) by Joel R. Poinsett -- The Uprising in South America: The Career of Bolivar, the Liberator (A.D. 1810) by Alfred Deberle -- The Massacre of the Mamelukes (A.D. 1811) by Andrew A. Paton -- Napoleon's Russian Campaign (A.D. 1812) by Charles A. Fyffe -- War on the Canadian Border (A.D. 1812-1814) by Agnes M. Machar, James Grahame -- Perry's Victory on Lake Erie (A.D. 1813) by Theodore Roosevelt -- The Uprising of Germany: The Battle of the Nations at Leipsic (A.D. 1813) by Wolfgang Menzel -- The Burning of Washington (A.D. 1814) by Richard Hildreth, George R. Gleig -- The Congress of Vienna (A.D. 1814) by Henry M. Stephens -- The Hartford Convention: Protests against the War of 1812 (A.D. 1814) by Simeon E. Baldwin, John S. Barry -- The Battle of New Orleans: The End of the War of 1812 (A.D. 1814) by James Parton -- The Battle of Waterloo (A.D. 1815) by Wolfgang Menzel, William Siborne, Victor Hugo -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1800-1815) by John Rudd

Volume XVI: A.D. 1816 - 1844 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- The Holy Alliance: European Reaction under Metternich (A.D. 1816) by C. Edmund Maurice -- Passage of the Missouri Compromise (A.D. 1820) by James Albert Woodburn -- The Spanish Demand for a Constitution (A.D. 1820) by Charles A. Fyffe -- Florida Acquired by the U.S. (A.D. 1821) by Richard Hildreth -- The Greek War for Independence (A.D. 1821) Byron's Services to Greece by Lewis Sergeant, John Nichol -- The Monroe Doctrine (A.D. 1823) by Alfred T. Mahan -- Opening of the Erie Canal (A.D. 1825) by William H. Seward -- The Siege of Missolonghi (A.D. 1825) by George Finlay -- The Massacre of the Janizaries (A.D. 1826) by Edward Upham -- The Battle of Navarino (A.D. 1827) by Harriet Martineau -- Andrew Jackson Elected President (A.D. 1828) by James Parton -- The Beginning of Railway Locomotion (A.D. 1829) by Samuel Smiles -- Catholic Emancipation (A.D. 1829) by William E. Gladstone, William E.H. Lecky, Daniel O'Connell -- Algiers Taken by the French (A.D. 1830) by Francis Pulszky -- The End of Absolutism in France (A.D. 1830) by Richard Lodge, Alphonse Lamartine -- The Revolution in Belgium (A.D. 1830) by Thomas Colley Grattan -- The Insurrection in Russian Poland (A.D. 1831) by Alfred Rambaud -- Passage of the English Reform Bill (A.D. 1832) by Sir Thomas Erskine May -- Nullification in South Carolina (A.D. 1832) by James Parton, John C. Calhoun -- The Carlist Revolt in Spain (A.D. 1833) by Charles A. Fyffe -- Abolition of the Slave-trade (A.D. 1833) by John Kells Ingram --  The Texan Revolution (A.D. 1836) by Sam Houston, Charles Edwards Lester -- The Canadian Rebellion (A.D. 1837) by George Bryce -- The Invention of Photography (A.D. 1838) by William Jerome Harrison -- The Opium War (A.D. 1840) by Demetrius Charles Boulger -- The Union of Upper & Lower Canada (A.D. 1841) by John Charles Dent -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1816-1844) by John Rudd

Volume XVII: A.D. 1844 - 1861 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- The Invention of the Telegraph (A.D. 1844) by Alonzo B. Cornell -- Repeal of the English Corn Laws (A.D. 1846) by Justin M'Carthy -- The Discovery of Neptune (A.D. 1846) by Sir Oliver Lodge -- The Acquisition of California (A.D. 1846) by Henry B. Dawson -- The Fall of Abd-el-Kader (A.D. 1847) by Edgar Sanderson -- The Mexican War (A.D. 1847) by John Bonner -- Famine in Ireland (A.D. 1847) by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy -- Migrations of the Mormons (A.D. 1848) by Thomas L. Kane -- The Reforms of Pius IX: His Flight from Rome (A.D. 1848) by Francis Bowen -- The Revolution of February in France (A.D. 1848) by Francois P.G. Guizot, Mme. Guizot de Witt -- Revolutionary Movements in Germany (A.D. 1848) by C. Edmund Maurice -- The Revolt of Hungary (A.D. 1848) by Arminius Vambery -- The Discovery of Gold in California (A.D. 1848) by John S. Hittell -- The Rise & Fall of the Roman Republic (A.D. 1849) by Jessie White Mario -- Livingstone's African Discoveries (A.D. 1849) by David Livingstone, Thomas Hughes -- The Coup d'Etat of Louis Napoleon (A.D. 1851) by Alexis de Tocqueville -- The Discovery of Gold in Australia (A.D. 1851) by Edward Jenks -- The Rise of the Republican Party (A.D. 1854) by Abraham Lincoln -- The Opening of Japan (A.D. 1854) by Matthew C. Perry -- The Capture of Sebastopol (A.D. 1855) by Sir Edward B. Hamley, Sir Evelyn Wood -- The Indian Mutiny (A.D. 1857) by J. Talboys Wheeler -- The Battles of Magenta & Solferino (A.D. 1859) by Piertro Orsi -- Darwin Publishes His Origin of Species (A.D. 1859) by Charles Robert Darwin -- The Kingdom of Italy Established (A.D. 1860) by Guiseppe Garibaldi, John Webb Probyn -- The Emancipation of Russian Serfs (A.D. 1861) by Andrew D. White, Nikolai Turgenieff -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1845-1861) by Daniel Edwin Wheeler

Volume XVIII: A.D. 1861 - 1872 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Secession of the Southern States (A.D. 1861) by Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln -- The Battle of Bull Run (A.D. 1861) by Horace Greeley -- The Monitor & the Merrimac (A.D. 1862) by John Denison Champlin -- The Capture of New Orleans (A.D. 1862) by Loyall Farragut -- McClellan's Peninsula Campaign (A.D. 1862) by Rossiter Johnson -- Emancipation in the U.S. (A.D. 1862) by Abraham Lincoln -- The Battle of Gettysburg (A.D. 1863) by Orville J. Victor, Edward A. Pollard, Abraham Lincoln -- The Fall of Vicksburg (A.D. 1863) by Charles A. Dana, James H. Wilson -- Destruction of the Alabama (A.D. 1864) by John Ancrum Winslow, Raphael Semmes -- Sherman's March to the Sea (A.D. 1864) by Rossiter Johnson -- Career of the International (A.D. 1864-1873) by Thomas Kirkup -- The Surrender of Lee (A.D. 1865) by Ulysses S. Grant -- The Austro-Prussian War (A.D. 1866) by Charles A. Fyffe -- The Laying of the Atlantic Cable (A.D. 1866) by Cyrus W. Field -- The Fall of Maximilian (A.D. 1867) by Charles A. Fyffe, Prince Salm-Salm -- Canadian Confederation (A.D. 1867) by J. Edmund Collins -- The Purchase of Alaska (A.D. 1867) by Charles Sumner -- The Discovery of Diamonds in Africa (A.D. 1867) by Gardner F. Williams, M.A. -- Revolution in Spain (A.D. 1868) by William I. Knapp -- The Abolition of the Fur Companies (A.D. 1869) by G. Mercer Adam -- The Opening of the Suez Canal (A.D. 1869) by Gardiner Greene Hubbard -- The Completion of the Pacific Railroad (A.D. 1869) by John P. Davis -- The Battle of Sedan (A.D. 1870) by Helmuth Von Moltke, Otto Von Bismarck -- Completion of Italian Unity (A.D. 1870) by Pietro Orsi, William Barry -- The Third French Republic (A.D. 1870) by Jules Favre -- The Siege of Paris & the End of the Franco-Prussian War (A.D. 1871) by Charles F. Horne -- The Unification of Germany (A.D. 1871) by Emil Reich -- The Rising of the Commune (A.D. 1871) by Gabriel Hanotaux -- The Geneva Arbitration (A.D. 1872) by Theodore Dwight Woolsey -- Discovery & Development of Christian Science (1866) by William Denison McCrackan -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1861-1872) by Daniel Edwin Wheeler

Volume XIX: A.D. 1873 - 1903 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- The Russo-Turkish War (A.D. 1877) by Wilhelm Mueller -- The Berlin Congress (A.D. 1878) by Stephen P.H. Duggan -- The First Combat between Modern Ironclads (A.D. 1879) by Clements R. Markham -- The Capture of Lima (A.D. 1881) by Clements R. Markham -- Nihilism (A.D. 1881) by Sergius Stepniak -- England in Egypt (A.D. 1881) by James Franck Bright -- The Consolidation of Germany (A.D. 1881-1890) by Charles Lowe -- France in Annam (A.D. 1882) by Sir Robert Kennaway Douglas -- New Japan (A.D. 1889) by Baron Yoshitami Sannomiya, Tokiwo Yokio, Marquis Hirobumi Ito -- The War between China & Japan (A.D. 1894) by J. Macgowan, Jukichi Inouye -- The Conquest of the Air (A.D. 1896) by Samuel Pierpont Langley, Alexander Graham Bell -- Italy in Africa (A.D. 1896) by Frederick Augustus Edwards -- The War between Greece & Turkey (A.D. 1897) by Sir Ellis Ashmead Bartlett -- The Battle of Manila Bay (A.D. 1898) by Hubert Howe Bancroft -- The Battles of Santiago (A.D. 1898) by Andrew S. Draper, Theodore Roosevelt, Pascual Cervera -- The Annexation of Hawaii (A.D. 1898) by Edmund Janes Carpenter -- The Peace Conference at The Hague (A.D. 1899) by Thomas Erskine Holland -- The Boer War (A.D. 1900) by A. Conan Doyle, James F.J. Archibald, J. Castell Hopkins -- The Boxer War (A.D. 1900) by George Lynch, Chuan-Sen, W.A.P. Martin -- Australian Confederation (A.D. 1901) by J. Grattan Grey -- The Panama Canal (A.D. 1903) by A. Maurice Low, Chauncey M. Depew -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1873-1903) by Daniel Edwin Wheeler

Volume XX: A.D. 1903 - 1909 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- Radium & the Transmutation of Metals (A.D. 1903) by Mme. Curie, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Ramsay -- Kishineff, the Medieval Outbreak Against the Jews (A.D. 1903) by Prof. Richard Gottheil, Korolenko -- The Alaskan Boundary Settlement (A.D. 1903) by Hon. John W. Foster, F.C. Wade, K.C., Prof. Goldwin Smith -- Rediscovery of Earth's Oldest City (A.D. 1904) by Dr. Edgar J. Banks -- The Venezuelan Arbitration (A.D. 1904) by Theodore Roosevelt, Prof. Edwin Maxey, Hon. Herbert W. Bowen -- The Russo-Japanese War (A.D. 1904) by Prof. Charles F. Horne, Count Leo Tolstoy -- The Russian Revolution (A.D. 1905) by Prince Peter Kropotkin, Count Arthur Cassini -- The Scientific Creation of New Forms of Life (A.D. 1905) by Garrett P. Serviss, David Starr Jordan -- Norway Establishes Her Independence (A.D. 1905) by Henry Seton Karr, Bjornstjerne Bjornson -- The Awakening of China (A.D. 1905) by Adachi Kinnosuke, Wu Ting Fang, A Chinese Cambridge Man -- Discovery of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet & of All European Culture (A.D. 1905) by James Baikie, D.G. Hogarth -- San Francisco's Fall & Recovery (A.D. 1906) by Jack London, Herman Scheffauer -- The Separation of Church & State in France (A.D. 1906) by Emile Combes, Archbishop Ireland, H.H. Sparling -- The Persian Revolution (A.D. 1907) by S.M. Jordan, Pres. Stanley White, E.J. Dillon -- Conservation (A.D. 1908) by Gifford Pinchot, The Governors, Prof. Graham Taylor -- The Turkish Revolution (A.D. 1908) by Edwin Pears, A. Rustem Bey, Prof. Arminius Vambery -- The Expansion of Austria & Bulgaria (A.D. 1908) by Dr. Emil Reich, Major Archibald Colquhoun -- The Reform of the Congo Horror (A.D. 1908) by John Daniels, M. Van Hoesen -- The Earthquake of Messina (A.D. 1908) by F. Marion Crawford -- The Triumph of Wireless (A.D. 1909) by Edward J. Wheeler, Chevalier Guglielmo Marconi, Arthur D.H. Smith -- Clash of Anarchy & Clericalism in Spain (A.D. 1909) by William Archer, Perceval Gibbon -- Discovery of the North Pole (A.D. 1909) by Prof. Charles F. Horne -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1903-1909)

Volume XXI: A.D. 1910 - 1914 
An Outline Narrative of the Great Events by Charles F. Horne -- The U.S. House of Governors (A.D. 1910) by William S. Jordan, The Governors -- Union of South Africa (A.D. 1910) by Prof. Stephen Leacock -- Portugal Becomes a Republic (A.D. 1910) by William Archer -- The Crushing of Finland (A.D. 1910) by John Jackol, Baron Sergius Witte, Baron Von Plehve, J.H. Reuter -- Man's Fastest Mile (A.D. 1911) by C.F. Carter, Saac Marcosson -- The Fall of Diaz (A.D. 1911) by Mrs. E.A. Tweedie, Dolores Butterfield -- Fall of the English House of Lords (A.D. 1911) by Arthur Ponsonby, Sydney Brooks, Captain George Swinton -- The Turkish-Italian War (A.D. 1911) by William T. Ellis, The War Correspondents -- Woman Suffrage (A.D. 1911) by Ida Husted Harper, Israel Zangwill, Jane Addams, David Lloyd-George, Elbert Hubbard -- Militarism (A.D. 1911) by Norman Angell, Sir Max Waechter -- Persia's Loss of Liberty (A.D. 1911) by W. Morgan Shuster -- Discovery of the South Pole (A.D. 1911) by Roald Amundsen -- The Chinese Revolution (A.D. 1912) by Robert Machray, R.F. Johnston, Tai-Chi Quo -- A Step Toward World Peace (A.D. 1912) by Hon. William H. Taft -- Tragedy of the "Titanic" (A.D. 1912) by W. A. Inglis -- Our Progressing Knowledge of Life Surgery (A.D. 1912) by Genevieve Grandcourt, Professor R. Legendre -- Overthrow of Turkey by the Balkan States (A.D. 1912) by J. Ellis Barker, Frederick Palmer, Prof. Stephen P. Duggan -- Mexico Plunged Into Anarchy (A.D. 1913) by Edwin Emerson, William Carol -- The New Democracy (A.D. 1913) by President Woodrow Wilson -- The Income Tax in America (A.D. 1913) by Joseph A. Hill -- The Second Balkan War (A.D. 1913) by Prof. Stephen P. Duggan, Capt. A.H. Trapmann -- Opening of the Panama Canal (A.D. 1914) by Col. George W. Goethals, Bampfylde Fuller -- Universal Chronology (A.D. 1910-1914)

Volume XXII: B.C. 5867 - A.D. 1914 
I. Chronology of Great Events from B.C. 5867 to A.D. 1914 -- with the title of the master-work presented in the series, and recommendations of further authorities valuable for more extended reading
II. Bibliography of Historical Literature: Universal Histories -- Civilization & Progress -- Histories of Antiquity -- National Histories
III. General Index (pages 133-326)
IV. National Chronologies