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THE 331x - Theatre History & Dramatic Literature I, II, & III

a course guide for THE 3311, THE 3312, and THE 3313

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social history, social aspects, social conditions, social life & customs

For example:

Don't focus your initial search terms on a specific time period since a book with broader time coverage might include a chapter covering the time you're researching. Examine the subject headings used in the library catalog record for individual books to identify ways to focus the search to a specific time period, e.g.,

to 146 B.C., 16th century, Tang dynasty

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Literature and Its Times

Other volumes in the series (not available at UCF):

  • African literature & its times (USF)
  • British and Irish literature and its times : the Victorian era to the present (1837- ) (USF)
  • Classical literature & its times (Valencia East and USF)
  • Italian literature & its times (USF)
  • Middle Eastern literatures & their times (USF)
  • Spanish & Portuguese literatures & their times : The Iberian peninsula (Eastern Florida Cocoa and USF)