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THE 331x - Theatre History & Dramatic Literature I, II, & III

a course guide for THE 3311, THE 3312, and THE 3313

Literature Criticism Databases

History of American & Canadian Theatre

Notable Plays

New Brutalism (c. 1980s – present)

  • Naomi Wallace – One Flea Spare, Slaughter City, In the Heart of America, The Inland Sea, The War Boys
  • Martin Crimp – The Country, The Treatment, Attempts on Her Life, No One Sees the Video
  • Sarah Daniels – Head Rot Holiday, Beside Herself, The Madness of Esme and Shaz
  • Sarah Kane – Cleansed, Crave, Phaedra’s Love, 4.48 Psychosis
  • Hanif Kureishi – Borderline, Sleep with Me, The Black Album
  • Mark Ravenhill – Shopping and Fucking, Some Explicit Polaroids, Mother Clap’s Molly House, Handbag, The Cut, Shoot Get Treasure Repeat
  • Judy Upton – Ashes and Sand
  • Sarah Kane – Phaedra’s Love, Crave, 4.48 Psychosis, Cleansed, Blasted
  • Richard Norton-Taylor – Called to Account, The Colour of Justice, Bloody Sunday