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Browse Call Numbers: P 101-410 - Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

Call Number Subject
P 101-120 Philosophy, origin, etc. of language
Bilingualism. Multilingualism. Origin of language. Sign language. Gesture.
Language acquisition. Sound symbolism. Political aspects. Other aspects
P 121-149 Science of language (Linguistics)
Methodology. Linguistic analysis. Applied linguistics.
Historical linguistics. Diachronic linguistics. Descriptive linguistics. Synchronic linguistics
P 151-299 Grammar
Theory of grammar. Generative grammar. Comparative grammar.
Phonology. Phonetics. Grammatical categories. Morphology. Syntax
P 301-325.5 Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative Grammar
Style. Composition. Rhetoric. Usage. Discourse analysis. Plays on words.
Vocabulary. Terminology. Translating & interpreting. Prosody. Metrics. Rhythmics.
Etymology. Semantics
P 326-410 Lexicology. Lexicography. Language
Dialectology. Languages. Linguistic geography.
Colloquial language. Slang. Argot