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Legal Research: Florida

It is recommended that an attorney be consulted when an interpretation of the law is needed. UCF library staff are not able to provide any legal advice. Legal Assistance Information

Abbreviations of some commonly requested legal sources

See also the legal abbreviations listed on the general legal research guide.

Most of the following sources are currently available at the UCF Main Campus Library. Some of the sources can be Shepardized using the abbreviation in the first column.

 LexisNexis Academic - Shepard's Citation Formats

Barry L.Rev. Barry Law Review online only (v.1+)
FIU L.Rev. FIU Law Review online only (v.1+)
Fla. Florida Reports online only (v.1+)
Fla.Admin.Code Florida Administrative Code Annotated Ready Ref US Documents KFF 35 1982 .A2
Fla.B.J. Florida Bar Journal Gen Coll K6 .F778 (v.27,no.7+)
Fla.J.Int'l L. Florida Journal of International Law online only (v.8+)
Fla.L.Rev. Florida Law Review Gen Coll K25 .F666 (v.1+)
Fla.Stat. Florida Statutes Ready Ref US Documents KFF 30 .A2 F55
Fla.Stat.Ann. Florida Statutes Annotated Reference KFF 30 1970 .A2
Fla.St.U.L.Rev. Florida State University Law Review Gen Coll K6 .L675 (v.1+)
Fla.Supp. Florida Supplement Barry or FAMU Law Library
Fla.Supp.2d Florida Supplement, Second Series Barry or FAMU Law Library
F.L.W. or Fla.L.Weekly Florida Law Weekly
Ask at Research Assistance Desk for online (v.20+)
Reference KFF 47 .F54 (v.22+)
J.Land Use&Envtl.L. Florida State University Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law online only (v.10+)
J.Transnat'l L.&Pol'y Journal of Technology Law & Policy online only (v.3+)
Nova L.Rev. Nova Law Review online only (v.19+)
So. Southern Reporter Gen Coll KFF 51 .A1 1887 (v.1-200)
So.2d Southern Reporter, Second Series (Florida Cases) Reference KFF 51 .A1 (v.1-999)
So.3d Southern Reporter, Third Series (Florida Cases) Reference KFF 51 .A1 3d Series (v.1+)
Stetson L.Rev. Stetson Law Review Gen Coll K 23 .T48 (v.1+)
St. Thomas L.Rev. St. Thomas Law Review online only (v.6+)
U.Fla.J.L.& Pub.Pol'y University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy online only (v.6+)
U.Miami Bus.L.Rev. University of Miami Business Law Review online only (v.7+)
U.Miami Ent. Sports L.Rev. University of Miami Entertainment & Sports Law Review online only (v.10+)
U.Miami Inter-Am.L.Rev. University of Miami Inter-American Law Review online only (v.25+)
U.Miami L.Rev. University of Miami Law Review Gen Coll K 25 .N58 (v.19+)