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Legal Research: Florida

It is recommended that an attorney be consulted when an interpretation of the law is needed. UCF library staff are not able to provide any legal advice. Legal Assistance Information

Laws & Regulations

Laws arranged by year

Indexes to Special and Local Laws

Indexes to special and local laws are shelved with the current Florida Statutes in Documents Ready Reference.

Florida Historical Legal Documents

Florida Historical Legal Documents includes Laws of Florida Territory (1822-1845) and the Florida Constitutions of 1838, 1865, 1868, and 1885.

Records of the States of the United States of America: Florida -- issued by the State Records Microfilm Project as a joint enterprise of the Library of Congress and the University of North Carolina.

  • Microfilm F 311 .U5 (36 reels)
  • An index is located on a separate reel in this set. The index includes coverage of other states, but only the Florida materials are held by UCF.
  • Includes:
    • legislative records such as the journals of the Legislature (1822-1869, 1912)
    • ordinances & statutory law (1821-1877)
    • Duval's Compilation of Public Acts (1839)
    • Thompson's Digest (1847)
    • constitutional records (1810-1868)
    • administrative records (1827-1850)
    • executive records (1845-1874)
    • Supreme Court Record Book (1825-1845)
    • legislative/executive records (1764-1783)
    • records of the rudimentary State (1810-1817)
  • Other material regarding Florida history is also included on these microfilm reels.

Revisions and Compilations of Florida Statutes

Revisions and Compilations of Florida Statutes -- "The laws of general application of the territory of Florida and of the State of Florida have either been compiled unofficially or revised under authority of law and adopted as official statutes in the following publications:"

  • Duval's Compilation of Territorial Laws, 1840 (compilation) [see Florida historical legal documents microfilm]
  • Thompson's Digest, 1847 (compilation) [see Florida historical legal documents microfilm] - Google Books
  • Bush's Digest, 1872 (compilation) [not available at UCF] - Google Books
  • McClellan's Digest, 1881 (compilation) [not available at UCF] - Google Books
  • Revised Statutes, 1892 (R.S.) (revision enacted as law) [not available at UCF]
  • General Statutes, 1906 (G.S.) (revision enacted as law) [not available at UCF]
  • Compiled Laws, 1914 (annotated; unofficial compilation) [not available at UCF] - Google Books
  • Revised General Statutes, 1920 (R.G.S.) (revision enacted as law) [not available at UCF] - Google Books
  • Compiled General Laws, 1927 (C.G.L.) (unofficial compilation) [Florida Documents AG 5 .S8/]
  • revision of 1940 (beginning of the continuous revision system) [not available at UCF]
  • Florida Statutes 1941 (F.S. 1941) (adoption of the official 1940 revision) [Florida Documents AG 5 .S8/]
  • Florida Statutes 1949 (F.S. 1949) (consolidation of 1941 statutes and supplements printed during 1943, 1945, and 1947) [not available at UCF]
  • and Florida Statutes (biennial ,1951-1999; annual, 2000+) [Florida Documents AG 5 .S8/]