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New UCF Integrated Library System -- Primo

This guide includes information about the new next-generation Integrated Library System which is active for the UCF Libraries as of July 13, 2021.

under construction

More FAQ will be added as the system goes live and questions arise.

Which links can be updated before July 13th?

  • Some of the databases which host specific ebooks, streaming videos, and online articles may provide an alternate URL pathway that can be used.
  • Be aware that we may need to edit that alternate URL to incorporate the OpenAthens user authentication for it to be fully functional for off-campus access.

Why can't the remaining links be updated earlier than July 13th?

  • When the new Primo system is loaded on July 13th it will automatically generate unique alphanumeric identifiers for each item. After we have the specific alphanumeric identifier for an item then we can insert it into a structured URL string to create a persistent link.

How soon after July 13th will my subject librarian provide me with the list of updates for the links I submitted?

  • Highest priority of processing the requests will be for summer courses which are still in-session between July 13th and August 6th.
  • Until we have a full measure of how many links have to be updated we won't be able to estimate the turnaround time.
  • We hope to be able to devote sufficient staffing to achieve getting the updates back to faculty by _____. Achieving that rough target depends on multiple factors, including the aggregate number of links from everyone which need to be processed.

Will the old links still work after July 13th?

  • Most of the old links will work partially until September 30th.
  • The old links will connect to the archive of the old system. Current item status will not be updated in the old system after July 9th.