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U.S. Congressional Serial Set & American State Papers at UCF: Maps

Image from Serial Set

Sketch of Indian River & southern portion of Mosquito Lagoon, Florida. September 29, 1883. Serial Set volume 2165.

Sketch of Indian River & southern portion of Mosquito Lagoon, Florida. September 29, 1883. Serial Set volume 2165.

Maps in the Serial Set & American State Papers

There were approximately 50,000 maps published in American State Papers and the Serial Set in the years 1789-1969, such as:

  • John C. Fremont's 1845 map that guided wagon trains through the West
  • the first published maps of the Grand Canyon and the Everglades
  • numerous Civil War and Spanish American War maps
  • numerous coastal triangulation maps produced throughout the 19th and into the 20th century
  • foreign maps of the Amur River in China, fortifications of the City of Paris, Antarctica, and the water system of India

Index & Carto-Bibliography of Maps, 1789-1969 - shelved next to the U.S. Documents microfiche with the CIS U.S. Serial Set Index.

  • Carto-Bibliography of Maps - a full identification and description of each map
  • Index by Geographic Areas and Subjects
  • Index by Titles
  • Index by Personal Names
  • Index by Corporate Names

Browse Featured Maps at American Memory, Library of Congress

Serial Set Maps (Readex)

Serial Set Maps (Readex)

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  • U.S. Locations
  • International Locations
  • Natural Geographical Features
  • Human-Created Features
  • World/Hemisphere Maps

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  • Economics
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  • Environment, Energy & Natural Resources
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