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International Bureau of American Republics / Pan American Union

"The International Bureau of American Republics was created by the 1st International American Conference held in Washington, D.C., Oct. 2, 1889-Apr. 19, 1890, and was confirmed and reorganized by the 2d and 3d International American Conferences held respectively in Mexico City, Oct. 22, 1901-Jan. 31, 1902, and in Rio de Janeiro, July 21-Aug. 26, 1906. This bureau is an international organization supported by contributions of the 21 Republics in this hemisphere, who have an equal interest in the institution." -- Checklist of United States Public Documents, 1789-1909, page 299.

The Monthly Bulletins report on various issues impacting trade and production of goods such as treaties, tariffs, transportation, etc., but that includes reports such as the following examples from 1898:

  • Argentine Republic: Report on Immigration, 1893 to 1897
  • Uruguay: System of Public Instruction
  • Honduras: Sketch of the People, Climate, Resources, etc.
  • Colombia: Railway Development / Bicycles in Barranquilla
  • Chile: Coal Mining under the Ocean
  • The Spanish Language in Latin-American Trade
  • Paraguay: Experiences of a United States Immigrant

Monthly Bulletins, International Bureau of American Republics / Pan American Union, v. 1-4

  • Volume 1, issues 1-8, 1893-1894
    • Coffee in America (Mexico, Central American States, Brazil, other South American countries, West Indies)
    • Coal & Petroleum in Colombia, Argentina
    • Minerals & Resources of Northeastern Nicaragua; Coffee industry in Haiti, Guatemala & Mexico;Commercial information (Colombia, Haiti, Cuba)
    • Finances of Chile; Commerce & tariffs of Brazil; Tariffs Guatemala; Marble deposits in Colombia; Government lands in Mexico; Commercial & industrial information (Chile, Colombia, Brazil)
    • Costa Rica at World's Fair; Railways of South America; Mining exposition in Chile; Currency changes in Chile; Iron ore & manganese in Cuba; Commercial & industrial information (winemaking in Chile; Argentina agriculture)
    • Reciprocity treaties & trade; Commercial outlook in Brazil; Ramie culture in Southern countries; Cacao, bananas & India rubber in Colombia; Development of British Guiana; Commercial & industrial information (U.S.-Latin America trade by selected product, 1889-1893)
    • Republic of Costa Rica
    • Mexico, Jamaica