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Streaming video options for faculty

Options for including streaming videos in online classes

How to use Swank

1. Select a film by searching the DigitalCampus website.

To get started, first determine if the film (or television episode) you want to share with your class is available via DigitalCampus.  Search DigitalCampus:

You can search using the box in the upper right corner of the web page, or click on "Movie Search" in the menu on the left.

2. Make a request if the film isn't currently licensed by UCF.

If the film is not already available in the UCF collection (see list of available titles), you can request the film using the online Request Form.

3. Check your email for a URL.

By license, DigitalCampus films are to be used for educational purposes only and made available to students through a password-protected site like Webcourses.

4. Embed the film in Webcourses or show it using the link for face to face classes. 

After receiving the URL, you will have to link to the film in Webcourses for the students to have access.  Film links MUST be placed within Webcourses to satisfy license requirements for restricted access.

Films can also be shown in face-to-face classes by simply copying and pasting the URL into a web browser in the classroom.  Remember DigitalCampus films play using Google Widevine Media Optimizer. It is a default plugin for the Chrome browser. Firefox is blocking the installation of new plugins and you will not be able to watch the video in Firefox.