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Streaming video options for faculty

Options for including streaming videos in online classes

DigitalCampus from Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

DigitalCampus is a collection of over 19,000 theatrical films and television programs available to embed in Canvas. The University can license films for a year from the booking date. Requests for currently licensed films can be processed in one business day. New film requests will have a processing time of 3-4 business days.

Available for course modes: web-based (W), video-streaming (V), or reduced seat time (RA/RS)

New film requests are limited to 5 new films per course. Currently licensed titles are not restricted per course.

If a course requires more than 5 titles, special requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis based upon the overall status of the university’s license and funding.

Swank usage guidelines:

  • Once added to our collection, titles can be used in any course.
  • Films should be booked for the use of the full class and not per individual student requests.
  • Captioning is available in most videos and can be turned on and off as needed within the film. 
  • If a film is listed as having “additional fees & time,” special permissions are required for the additional fee. The film will also have a 4-6 week processing time.

Use the form below to request new films, or to request a currently licensed film (listed below) to add to your course.

For help using Swank DigitalCampus, please review the step-by-step instructions in this guide, or contact Megan Haught, or 407-823-5880.

Request Form

Current Titles

The following are the titles currently available in the UCF DigitalCampus collection: