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Streaming video options for faculty

Options for including streaming videos in online classes

Films on Demand

Providing a Permalink

If you would like to share a single video or clip with your students, there are two options: provide a permalink, or embed the video in your canvas course. If you would like to create a playlist of multiple clips, skip to the "Creating a playlist" instructions below.

Providing a permalink:

1. navigate to the video or clip you would like to share.

2. under the description of the video, select "share"


3. Select  the "Embed/Link" tab in the "Share To" pop up window.


4. Copy the Record URL and share with your class.




Embed Video in Webcourses

Embedding the video in your canvas course:

1. Perform steps 1-3 listed above in "providing a permalink"

2. Select which size you would like the video to be (the default is medium)


3. Copy the embed code to your clipboard

4. Navigate to the webcourses page you would like to embed the video in.

5. select the "Insert/Edit Media" icon 


6. select the "Embed" tab

7. Past the embed code in the text box, and select "Ok"


Instructions for Creating and Assigning Playlists

Login to Instructor or Individual Account

  1. Click on "Sign In" tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter Instructor Account ID/password ( or your own individual Account ID/password.  To request an Account ID/password for your own use, contact Athena Hoeppner.

Select Film Segments for Playlist

  1. Perform a search or browse through available videos.
  2. Add individual segments or videos to playlist.
  3. Select an existing playlist to add the segments to, or create a new playlist.
  4. Order the segments as you want them to be viewed.
  5. Edit the Playlist Code, Playlist Name, and Playlist Notes if you wish.
  6. Use the "SAVE CHANGES" button to keep your changes.
  7. Note the Playlist URL at the bottom of the page.

Assign the Playlist

Paste the Playlist URL into your Syllabus or online course.

For more help

For more help with FMG Films on Demand, please contact either Christina Wray (User Engagement Librarian) or Athena Hoeppner (Electronic Services Librarian).