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Energy -- ASERL Center of Excellence

developed as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) Collaborative Federal Depository Program (CFDP)


Publications of the U.S. Dept of Energy & predecessors

The following table identifies the dates during which the agencies existed. This identifies the proposed scope for future development of the UCF collection; it does not identify current holdings.

The UCF Collection will not be developed as a comprehensive collection with regard to the three power administrations (Bonneville, Western Area, & Alaska) located outside of the southeastern United States.

SUDOC Years Department/Agency UCF COE?
E 1: 1977- Department of Energy Yes
E 2: 1977- Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Yes
E 3: 1977- Energy Information Administration Yes
E 4: 1977- Economic Regulatory Administration Yes
E 5: 1977- Bonneville Power Administration No
E 6: 1977- Western Area Power Administration No
E 7: 1993-1995 Alaska Power Administration No
E 8: 1995- Southeastern Power Administration Yes
E 9: 1977- National Renewable Energy Laboratory Yes
E 10: 1993?- Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Yes
E 11: 2000- National Nuclear Security Administration Yes
E 12: 1999- National Energy Technology Laboratory Yes
ER 1: 1975-1977 Energy Research and Development Administration Yes
FE 1: 1974-1977 Federal Energy Administration Yes
FP 1: 1920-1977 Federal Power Commission Yes
I 19: 1927-1936* Geological Survey (a few selected publications) Yes
I 44: 1937-1977 Bonneville Power Administration No
I 59: 1943-1977 Southwestern Power Administration No
I 65: 1950-1977 Southeastern Power Administration Yes
I 68: 1967-1977 Alaska Power Administration No
PrEx 21: 1973-1977 Federal Energy Office Yes

*The dates listed for the Geological Survey indicate the dates of select publications included in the scope of the UCF Center of Excellence, not the full dates of the agency's existence.