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National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) (2000+)

Established: March 1, 2000

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2000, sec. 3201+; Public Law 106-65; 113 Stat. 953; October 5, 1999

"The mission of the Administration shall be the following: (1) To enhance United States national security through the military application of nuclear energy; (2) To maintain and enhance the safety, reliability, and performance of the United States nuclear weapons stockpile, including the ability to design, produce, and test, in order to meet national security requirements; (3) To provide the United States Navy with safe, militarily effective nuclear propulsion plants and to ensure the safe and reliable operation of those plants; (4) To promote international nuclear safety and non-proliferation; (5) To reduce global danger from weapons of mass destruction; and (6) To support United States leadership in science and technology."