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Production Lab at CMC University of Central Florida Library


About the Laminator

  • Our machine laminates both sides of your poster or document.
  • It can fit 25 inches wide, by however long you want.
  • Don't laminate anything thicker than poster board.
  • Directions for Use!
  1. Have one of the Staff members turn on the laminator.
  2. Wait for it to warm up, this takes 6-8 minutes.
  3. Insert your paper just until you feel resistance.
  4. Make sure that both edges are inside the edges of laminate.
  5. Press the run/stop button.
  6. Once you can see the back edge of your paper on the other side of the rollers, insert your next layer.
  7. When done laminating, cut your project off the back of the machine.
  8. Bring to the Front Circulation desk to pay using Knight Cash. .50cents per foot