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Images & Sounds: Truveo

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Truveo Video Search

  • "The simplest search queries contain one or more keywords separated by spaces. In response to these queries, the Truveo video search service will return all video records that match every word in the query. Note that search queries are not case-sensitive, and characters in your query other than common letters and numbers or special operators, as described below, will be ignored. Also note that the Truveo video search service will not return any results for queries that contain only a single letter or number.
  • To find a video record that contains an exact phrase, simply surround the search query containing the phrase with double quotes. Note that, for exact phrase searches, any words, letters or numbers contained within the double quotes will never be ignored.
  • The OR operator can be included between any two terms in your query to ensure that either term is included in the search results. Note that 'OR' must be capitalized."

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