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Congress: Members & Directories

Federal Legislative Branch

Write Your Legislator

Write Your Representative identifies your Congressperson and provides contact information.
(search by your 9-digit ZIP code)

Other Representatives

Senators from Other States

United States Senators from Florida

Directories for the U.S. Congress

Congressional Directory "presents short biographies of each member of the Senate and House, listed by state or district, and additional data, such as committee memberships, terms of service, administrative assistants and/or secretaries, and room and telephone numbers. It also lists officials of the courts, military establishments, and other Federal departments and agencies, including D.C. government officials, governors of states and territories, foreign diplomats, and members of the press, radio, and television galleries."

  • Online version (104th Congress, 1995+)
  • Serial Set Online (47th Congress, 1882 - 62nd Congress, 1913)
  • U.S. Documents Y 4 .P93/1: 1/ (91st Congress, 1969+)

Congressional Staff Directory
Reference JK 1012 .C65

  • Staffs of the Officers of the Senate and House of Representatives
  • Staffs & Committees of the Senators and Representatives
  • Staffs of the Committees and Subcommittees
  • Caucuses and Task Forces
  • Staffs of Joint Committees
  • Staffs of the Offices and Agencies of Congress
  • Hill Organizations
  • Congressional Staff Biographies
  • State and District Information

Election Resources, including Campaign Finances

ProQuest Congressional

  • Member Records (101st Congress, 1989+)
    • Bill Sponsored
    • Campaign Contributors
    • Campaign Finance Reports
    • Financial Disclosures
    • Floor Statements
    • Floor Votes
    • Key Votes
    • Personal Profiles
  • Committees
    • Roster (current Congress only)
    • Committee Schedule
  • Demographics
    - find current Members of Congress by:
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Party affiliation
    • State or territory represented
    • Born between...
    • Religion
    • Military Service
    • Education attained
    • Alma Mater
    • Elected between...
    • Chamber

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774+ - Search by name, position, state, party, year, or Congress

Women in Congress (1917+) - "contains biographical profiles of former women Members of Congress, links to information about current women Members, essays on the institutional and national events that shaped successive generations of Congresswomen, and images of each woman Member, including rare photos."