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Congress: Reports & Documents

Federal Legislative Branch

Committee Reports & Documents

House and Senate Reports from congressional committees provide the findings of their hearings and deliberations,
including recommendations to the House or Senate as a whole.

House and Senate Documents include:

  • Presidential messages proposing new legislation or vetoing passed legislation
  • Annual or special reports from executive agencies
  • Some reports on congressional committee activities (usually published as committee prints)
  • Some congressional committee special studies (usually published as committee prints)

House & Senate Reports and House & Senate Documents are also distributed in the Serial Set.

Index, 1789+ ProQuest Congressional

1789+ reports & documents are available in the U.S. Documents microfiche collections

  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set microfiche (1789-1969)
  • CIS microfiche (1969+)
  • U.S. Documents Microfiche (97th Congress, 1981+)
    • Senate Treaty Documents, Y 1.1/4:
  • U.S. Documents Microfiche (100th Congress, 1987+)
    • Senate Documents, Y 1.1/3:
    • Senate Reports, Y 1.1/5:
    • Senate Executive Documents, Y 1.1/6:
    • House Documents, Y 1.1/7:
    • House Reports, Y 1.1/8:


1995+ Online (104th Congress+)

Other Online (miscellaneous dates)

  • MBooks Online (Full Text) - The University of Michigan provides open access to some full text publications through links in their library catalog,
    but access to many of the items is restricted to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Michigan.