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Book Reviews: General Sources

Basic Databases and Indexes

Please note: The following general sources also cover many subject-specific fields.

Academic Search Premier (coverage varies)
An interdisciplinary database offering both citations and full text of articles in a variety of publications in nearly every area of academic study including: social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts, medical sciences, ethnic studies, etc. To search for book reviews, select the phrase "Book Review" as a Document Type.
An interdisciplinary database of journals and national news magazines. Provides numerous book reviews; under "Document Type," select "Book review."

Alternative Press Index
Main Library Index AI 3 .A27 (1969+)
Provides an index to liberal, radical, alternative lifestyle, and "underground" periodicals, most of which are not indexed elsewhere. To find book review citations in the online version: In the Article Type Phrase box, limit to "Book Reviews." In the print version, book review citations were originally listed under that heading in the main body of the index, but now are listed in a separate section.

A growing full-text collection of American magazines and journals published between 1741-1940. APS Online features over 1,100 periodicals, including scholarly, scientific, and popular magazines and journals. Derived from the American Periodicals Series microform collection, the database is a work in progress and does not yet include all the APS content; nonetheless, the database is useful for finding citations to the various journals covered, which the UCF Libraries own on microfilm. To search for book reviews in the database, use the word "Books" with quotation marks.

Useful for identifying reviews of popular fiction and nonfiction rather than scholarly works. Provides citations to and excerpts of reviews of current juvenile and adult fiction and nonfiction in the English language. To qualify for inclusion, the book must meet several criteria: published or distributed in the U.S. or Canada; a nonfiction book must receive reviews in two or more periodicals on the Digest selection list; a work of fiction must receive reviews from at least three of the periodicals on the list; reviews must appear within 18 months after the book was published. Generally no more than three or four reviews are excerpted, though a more complete list of review citations is included.

Book Review Index
Main Library Reference Z 1035 .A1 B6 (1965+)
Provides access to reviews of books, periodicals, and books-on-tape appearing in more than 600 publications. Arranged alphabetically by author, with a supplementary title index. Helpful in locating reviews of scholarly books.

Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities
Main Library Reference CB 3 .I53 (1960-1990)
Formerly a quarterly and later continued as an annual publication, this work indexed about 600 primarily English-language general and scholarly periodicals in the broad field of the "humanities," except for archaeology, religion, and theology. An asterisk before a citation indicates that earlier volumes also reviewed the title. Provides helpful access to publications not generally indexed elsewhere, including some non-English titles. The term "humanities" was originally defined to include history and some social science but beginning with the 1970 volume, the term was restricted to art, biography, personal narratives and memoirs, drama and dance, folklore, language, literature, music, philosophy, travel and adventure.

LexisNexis Academic (coverage varies)
A full-text database providing access to a broad geographic range of newspapers and journals, mostly published since the 1980s. To find book reviews: select "Search By Content Type," then "All News." Next, select "Advanced Options," then under "Article Type," check Book Reviews. Especially useful for finding the full text of reviews from The New York Times Book Review.

Provides indexing to the contents of over 300 popular English-language magazines and journals. Full text provided for most periodicals covered from 1994 to current. To find book reviews, select "Book Review" in the Document Type box.

Where's the Full Text?

If a database search tells you about an article but the full text of the article is not there, look for the "Get Full Text" button.
Integrated by the UCF Libraries into many databases, "Get Full Text" helps you get the article in one of three ways:

> If an article cited in one database is available in full text in another online source, there will be a direct link to the full article or, in a few cases, to the journal.

> If the journal in which an article appeared is available in hard copy in the UCF Libraries, there will be a link to the UCF Library Catalog. Click on that link and then check "Holdings" to see if the article you need is owned by UCF.

> If the article is not available electronically or in hard copy at UCF, there will be a link to Interlibrary Loan Request, which will bring up a form through which you can request the UCF Libraries to obtain the article for you from another library.