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In the Document Type box, limit to "Book Review." Preceded by the print version, Education Index (1929-1983).
Education Index
Main Library ARC General Collection L 11 .E39 (1929/193232-2003/2004)
Separate book review section, with entry under the author of the book reviewed. The online version is Education Full Text (1983+).
In the Publication Type box on the Advanced Search screen, select "Book/Product Reviews."
In the Document Type box on the Advanced Search screen, select "Book Review."
Features reviews from School Library Journal from the most recent twenty-four months. Browse by genre, grade level, award winners and other criteria.

Where's the Full Text?

If a database search tells you about an article but the full text of the article is not there, look for the "Get Full Text" link or icon. Integrated by the UCF Libraries into many databases, "Get Full Text" helps obtain the article in one of three ways:

> If an article cited in one database is available in full text in another online source, there will be a direct link to the full article or, in a few cases, to the journal.

> If the journal in which an article appeared is available in hard copy in the UCF Libraries, there will be a link to the UCF Library Catalog. Click on that link and then check "Holdings" to see if the article is owned by UCF.

> If the article is not available electronically or in hard copy at UCF, there will be a link to Interlibrary Loan Request which will bring up a form through which to request the UCF Libraries to obtain the article from another library.