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Book Reviews

Social Sciences

Allows limiting to book reviews under Publication Type.
APA PsycInfo (1881+)
In the Document Type box, limit to "Review — Book."
In the Document Type box, limit to "Book Review."
In the online version: The guided search mode allows limiting by "Article Type" to book reviews. In the print version: book reviews are listed under that heading in the Subject Index.
Use the phrase "review article" as a keyword search to limit to book reviews.
History: Reviews of New Books
Main Library ARC General Collection D 1 .H587 (1972/73-1996)
Approximately thirty to forty book reviews per quarterly issue cover all geographic areas and time periods, from ancient times to the present.
To search for book reviews in the database, use the "Command Line" search, then select the code "Book title — BK."
A quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal established in 1973 and published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. It publishes reviews of new books on the topic of American history, as well as retrospectives on influential titles of the past.
Women Studies Abstracts
Main Library ARC General Collection HQ 1180 .W65 (1972-2014)
Book review citations are listed in a separate chapter in each issue.

Where's the Full Text?

If a database search tells you about an article but the full text of the article is not there, look for the "Get Full Text" link or icon. Integrated by the UCF Libraries into many databases, "Get Full Text" helps obtain the article in one of three ways:

> If an article cited in one database is available in full text in another online source, there will be a direct link to the full article or, in a few cases, to the journal.

> If the journal in which an article appeared is available in hard copy in the UCF Libraries, there will be a link to the UCF Library Catalog. Click on that link and then check "Holdings" to see if the article is owned by UCF.

> If the article is not available electronically or in hard copy at UCF, there will be a link to Interlibrary Loan Request which will bring up a form through which to request the UCF Libraries to obtain the article from another library.