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Theatre Books: Online Versions & Excerpts

The pages of this guide are arranged in Library of Congress call number order.

PR 2750-3112: English Renaissance. The Drama. William Shakespeare

Call Number Title Source
PR 2807.C2776 2006 (Gen Coll) Hamlet's Heirs: Shakespeare & the Politics of a New Millennium EBSCOhost
PR 2807.M344 1992 (Gen Coll) Modern Hamlets & Their Soliloquies NetLibrary
PR 2825.A2.B4 (online only) A Souvenir of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice as Presented by David Belasco, at the Lyceum Theatre, New York, December 21, 1922 NATO
PR 2827.A1 2005 (online only) A Midsummer Night's Dream (Webster's Thesaurus Ed. For PSAT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, & AP English Test Preparation) NetLibrary
PR 2827.W59 1997 (Gen Coll) Our Moonlight Revels: A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Theatre NetLibrary
PR 2829.P43 1999 (Gen Coll) Othello & Interpretive Traditions NetLibrary
PR 2833.H28 1999 (Gen Coll) The Tempest As Mystery Play: Uncovering Religious Sources of Shakespeare's Most Spiritual Work NetLibrary
PR 2833.H67 2004 (Gen Coll) Prospero's True Preservers: Peter Brook, Yukio Ninagawa, & Giorgio Strehler--Twentieth-Century Directors Approach Shakespeare's The Tempest NetLibrary
PR 2836.J36 1997 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare's Troy: Drama, Politics, & the Translation of Empire NetLibrary
PR 2837.O83 1996 (Gen Coll) The Trick of Singularity: Twelfth Night & the Performance Editions NetLibrary
PR 2880.A1.S52 1999 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & Appropriation IBTD
PR 2880.A1.T37 2001 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare, Brecht, & the Intercultural Sign NetLibrary
PR 2881.5.R6.M38 2006 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare in the Romanian Cultural Memory NetLibrary
PR 2892.M33 2000 (Gen Coll) Dictionary of Shakespeare Credo
PR 2920.N49 1990 (online only) New Issues in the Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Theatre: Proceedings of the Conference Held at the University of Georgia, February 16-18, 1990 IBTD
PR 2950.K35 1998 (Gen Coll) Reforging Shakespeare: The Story of a Theatrical Scandal NetLibrary
PR 2952.L96 1998 (Gen Coll) Shakespearean Intertextuality: Studies in Selected Sources & Plays NetLibrary
PR 2965.S37 2000 (online only) Shakespeare & Modernity: Early Modern to Millennium IBTD
PR 2965.S44 (REF) Shakespearean Criticism LRC
PR 2970.E34 2004 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & Marx NetLibrary
PR 2970.H38 2002 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare in the Present IBTD
PR 2971.E85.S54 2004 (Gen Coll) Shifting the Scene: Shakespeare in European Culture NetLibrary
PR 2971.U6.C37 1999 (Gen Coll) Repositioning Shakespeare: National Formations, Postcolonial Appropriations IBTD
PR 2976.A64 (Gen Coll) Alternative Shakespeares
vol. 1
- vol. 2
PR 2976.F28 1990 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & the Rival Playwrights, 1600-1606 IBTD
PR 2976.H384 1992 (online only) Meaning by Shakespeare IBTD
PR 2976.M34 2000 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare: the Basics IBTD
PR 2976.V5 1995 (online only) William Shakespeare: the Critical Heritage
vol. 3, 1733-1752
- vol 4, 1753-1765
- vol. 6, 1774-1801
PR 2981.A3 2000 (online only) Coming-to-Know: Recognition & the Complex Plot in Shakespeare IBTD
PR 2983.B47 1999 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare's Feminine Endings: Figuring Women in the Tragedies IBTD
PR 2983.L5 1995 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare's Festive Tragedy: the Ritual Foundations of Genre IBTD
PR 2987.K35 2003 (online only) Mastering Shakespeare: An Acting Class in Seven Scenes NetLibrary
PR 2989.M28 1998 (Gen Coll) Playing Bit Parts in Shakespeare NetLibrary
PR 2991.C337 2000 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare without Women: Representing Gender & Race on the Renaissance Stage IBTD
PR 2991.R33 2005 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & Women NetLibrary
PR 2992.F3.L46 2001 (Gen Coll) Fathers & Daughters in Shakespeare & Shaw NetLibrary
PR 2997.O65 (online only) Entering the Maze: Shakespeare's Art of Beginning IBTD
PR 2997.P8.M3 1968 (online only) Shakespeare's Wordplay IBTD
PR 3001.J68 2000 (Gen Coll) Philosophical Shakespeares IBTD
PR 3014.K37 1999 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare after Theory IBTD
PR 3017.L44 1988 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare's Political Drama: the History Plays & the Roman Plays IBTD
PR 3024.M39 2001 (Gen Coll) Marxist Shakespeares IBTD
PR 3024.P67 1998 (Gen Coll) Post-Colonial Shakespeares IBTD
PR 3034.W45 2000 (Gen Coll) Author's Pen & Actor's Voice: Playing & Writing in Shakespeare's Theatre NetLibrary
PR 3069.R6.K35 1997 (Gen Coll) Roman Shakespeare: Warriors, Wounds, & Women IBTD
PR 3081.C93 2005 (Gen Coll) Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment NetLibrary
PR 3091.B72 1999 (Gen Coll) New Sites for Shakespeare: Theatre, the Audience, & Asia NetLibrary
PR 3091.B78 1996 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare, Theory, & Performance IBTD
PR 3091.O44 2002 (Gen Coll) Shakespearean Characterization: A Guide for Actors & Students NetLibrary
PR 3091.S79 1999 (online only) Perspectives on Shakespeare in Performance IBTD
PR 3091.T49 1996 (Gen Coll) Textual & Theatrical Shakespeare: Questions of Evidence NetLibrary
PR 3091.W67 1997 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & the Authority of Performance NetLibrary
PR 3095.G76 2002 (Gen Coll) Best Actors in the World: Shakespeare & His Acting Company NetLibrary
PR 3095.K59 2001 (Gen Coll) Playing Companies & Commerce in Shakespeare's Time NetLibrary
PR 3095.R53 2002 (online only) Shakespeare's Theatre: A Dictionary of His Stage Context Credo
PR 3100.D47 2002 (Gen Coll) Rescripting Shakespeare: The Text, the Director, & Modern Productions NetLibrary
PR 3100.W67 2003 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare & the Force of Modern Performance NetLibrary
PR 3105.B47 2002 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage NetLibrary
PR 3109.S55.Q56 2000 (Gen Coll) Shakespeare in South Africa: Stage Productions During the Apartheid Era IBTD