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Theatre Books: Online Versions & Excerpts

The pages of this guide are arranged in Library of Congress call number order.

Description of Content

The following is a list in call number order of some encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, texts, video documentaries, and other resources for which the UCF Libraries provide online access. Another list covering other subjects is Reference Books: Online Versions & Excerpts. Neither list is comprehensive.

Some print versions include additional material not available in the online versions, e.g., photographs, charts, maps, and other topics. Some of the online sources only include very selective portions, e.g. Biography Resource Center only provides the biographical sections from the print titles.

Links in the "Title" column provide direct access to the specific title. Links in the "Source" column are for those online databases which can be searched by topic, but which do not necessarily provide a means of browsing the content of a specific title. For those titles labeled as "(online only)" there may be earlier or later print editions available in the UCF Libraries.

Previous version of list

Some content has not yet been included from the old version of this list.