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Theatre Books: Online Versions & Excerpts

The pages of this guide are arranged in Library of Congress call number order.

P: Philology. Linguistics

PA 3131-3238: Greek Drama

Call Number Title Source
PA 3131.R38 1992 (Gen Coll) Greek Tragic Theatre IBTD
PA 3131.T37 2003 (online only) Greek Tragedy in Action NetLibrary
PA 3136.D63 2001 (Gen Coll) Figures of Play: Greek Drama & Metafictional Poetics NetLibrary
PA 3166.K66 1995 (Gen Coll) Greek Comedy & Ideology NetLibrary
PA 3201.A77 2003 (online only) Public & Performance in the Greek Theatre NetLibrary
PA 3201.A79 1999 (Gen Coll) Classical Greek Theatre: New Views of an Old Subject NetLibrary
PA 3201.W55 1997 (Gen Coll) Tragedy in Athens: Performance Space & Theatrical Meaning NetLibrary
PA 3238.D56 2004 (Gen Coll) Dionysus Since 69: Greek Tragedy at the Dawn of the Third Millennium NetLibrary
PA 3238.H35 2005 (online only) Greek Tragedy & the British Theatre, 1660-1914 NetLibrary


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PA 3875-3888: Aristophanes

Call NumberTitleSource
PA 3879.R48 2006 (online only) Comic Business: Theatricality, Dramatic Technique, & Performance Contexts of Aristophanic Comedy NetLibrary
PA 3879.R8613 1994 (Gen Coll) Aristophanes: An Author for the Stage NetLibrary
PA 3879.V34 2000 (Gen Coll) Venom in Verse: Aristophanes in Modern Greece NetLibrary


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PG 3071-3089: Russian Drama

Call NumberTitleSource
PG 3089.M44.I53 2002 (Gen Coll) Imitations of Life: Two Centuries of Melodrama in Russia IBTD


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PG 3455-3458: Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904

Call Number Title Source
PG 3458.Z9.A6628 1997 (Gen Coll) Chekhov Then and Now: the Reception of Chekhov in World Culture IBTD
PG 3458.Z9.S823 2005 (Oversize Gen Coll) Anton Chekhov At the Moscow Art Theatre: Archive Illustrations of the Original Productions NetLibrary
PG 3458.Z9.Z823 2000 (Gen Coll) Performing Chekhov IBTD


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PK 2030-2142: Hindi, Hindustani Literature

Call NumberTitleSource
PK 2098.A8.Z63 2004 (online only) Western Tradition & Naturalistic Hindi Theatre IBTD


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PL 501-699: Japanese Language & Literature

Call NumberTitleSource
PL 782.E5.K3 1992 (online only) Kabuki: Five Classic Plays NetLibrary