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Federal Power Commission (1920-1977)

Established: June 10, 1920

Federal Water Power Act, 41 Stat 1063, Chapter 285, June 10, 1920.

Initially established as an interagency commission "composed of the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Secretary of Agriculture."

Reorganized as an independent regulatory agency by 46 Stat 797, Chapter 572, June 23, 1930.

Abolished and functions transferred to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by Department of Energy Organization Act; Public Law 95-91; 91 Stat. 565; August 4, 1977

"In 1920, Congress established the Federal Power Commission (FPC) to coordinate hydroelectric projects under federal control. Under the joint administration of the Secretary of War, Interior, and Agriculture the FPC could only employ an Executive Secretary, while all other personnel was borrowed from these administrating executive departments. This organization resulted in conflicting mandates, making it difficult to produce a consistent energy policy. Thus, in 1928 Congress voted to give the FPC funds to permanently hire their borrowed staff. Two years later, the Federal Power Act established a five-member, bipartisan commission to run the FPC." -- from History of FERC