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*Library Resources for Research-Intensive (RI) Courses

Subject Librarians

The first step in making the most of the library for your RI course should be to contact your subject librarian. They can tailor many of our standard resources and services to meed the needs of your course and help you attain the RI designation. Libraries designate a subject librarian for faculty and students in each UCF department and program. As liaisons to the departments, the subject librarians can:

  • Locate resources, both print and online, for faculty developing an RI course;
  • Select library materials such as books, journals, and data sets that are relevant to an RI course;
  • Teach RI classes how to maximize use of library resources for research; and
  • Provide specialized one-on-one research consultations for you and your RI students.

Click the link below to connect with the librarian who specializes in your area.