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O*NET Online: Occupational Information Network

Find Occupations - "Use keywords or O*NET-SOC codes, Job Families, High Growth industries, O*NET descriptors, Job Zones, or STEM disciplines."

Skills Search - "Use a list of your skills to find matching O*NET-SOC occupations."

Crosswalk Search - "Enter a code or title from the DOT, MOC, RAIS, SOC, or CIP to find matching O*NET-SOC occupations."

Tools & Technology Search - "Use tools and technology to find In-Demand occupations. Learn about related skills important to employers and educators."

Standard Occupational Classification Manual (SOC)

The SOC supersedes the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). See also O*NET Online: Occupational Information Network, which is another version of the Standard Occupational Classification Manual (SOC) that allows the user to match SOC and DOT occupational classification systems.

Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)