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CHM 2211L - Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques

Organic Chemistry Literature Assignments

Literature Assignment: "Soaps and Detergents"

Chemistry 49 (Sept 1976): 6

  1. What was the title of this article?
  2. Who was the author?
  3. What chemical company first discovered floating soap by accident?
  4. What caused the soap to float?
  5. In order [to] function as a detergent what property must a substance have?
  6. Approximately what % of soap is needed to form an effective detergent?
  7. Name of one cationic detergent mentioned in this article?
  8. Why are emulsifiers added to detergents?
  9. Why is sodium silicate added to detergents?
  10. Why are enzymes added to detergents?

Retrieve the full text of the article

Search the UCF Libraries catalog for "chemistry", selecting [journal title] from the dropdown list to restrict the field where the phrase is being searched.

Look at the record for the title in the library's online catalog to see that volume 49 from 1976 is available in bound volumes on the 4th floor of the main library at call number QD 1 .C74