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PS 3600-3626 - Individual authors, 2001-

The first letter of the surname is assigned a call number and the author number is determined starting with the second letter of the name.

This is not a comprehensive list of the authors contained in the UCF Library. Search for specific names or browse for additional authors by selecting the link for an author whose surname precedes that of the author you're seeking. Keep in mind that some authors best known by their pen names may be listed under their real names.

PS 3600 - 3626 Individual authors have author numbers,
‚Äčfollowed by another letter/number combination, usually subdivided as follows:
      .A1-.A19       Collected works
      .A199-.A59       Translations (Collected or selected)
      .A6       Selected works. Selections. By date
      .A61-.Z458       Separate works. By title
      .Z4581-.Z999       Biography & criticism
          .Z4581-.Z4589           Periodicals. Societies. Serials
          .Z459           Dictionaries, indexes, etc. By date
          .Z46           Autobiography, journals, memoirs. By date
          .Z48           Letters (Collections). By date
          .Z5-.Z999           General works
Call Number Subject
PS 3600 Anonymous works
PS 3601.A-Z A
- PS 3601.G85 - Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto
- PS 3601.V464 - Averill, Ric
PS 3602.A-Z B
- PS 3602.E63 - Belber, Stephen
- PS 3602.R6444 - Brooks, Laurie
PS 3603.A-Z C
- PS 3603.O25 - Coble, Eric
- PS 3603.R895 - Cruz, Nilo
PS 3604.A-Z D
- PS 3604.U56 - Dunn, Mark
PS 3605.A-Z E
PS 3606.A-Z F
PS 3607.A-Z G
PS 3608.A-Z H
- PS 3608.A52 - Haidle, Noah
- PS 3608.U3234 - Hudes, Quiara Alegria
PS 3609.A-Z I
PS 3610.A-Z J
- PS 3610.O669 - Joseph, Rajiv
PS 3611.A-Z K
PS 3612.A-Z L
- PS 3612.A28 - LaBute, Neil
PS 3613.A-Z M
- PS 3613.E979 - Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
PS 3614.A-Z N
PS 3615.A-Z O
PS 3616.A-Z P
PS 3617.A-Z Q
PS 3618.A-Z R
- PS 3618.I843 - Rivera, Carmen
- PS 3618.U48 - Ruhl, Sarah
PS 3619.A-Z S
PS 3620.A-Z T
PS 3621.A-Z U
PS 3622.A-Z V
PS 3623.A-Z W
PS 3625.A-Z Y
- PS 3625.O285 - Yockey, Steve
PS 3626.A-Z Z