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PS 700-893 - Individual authors, Colonial period (17th & 18th centuries)

‚ÄčThis is not a comprehensive list of the authors contained in the UCF Library. Search for specific names or browse for additional authors by selecting the link for an author whose surname precedes that of the author you're seeking. Keep in mind that some authors best known by their pen names may be listed under their real names.

Call Number Subject
PS 700 Anonymous works
PS 701.A3 Adams, John, 1704-1740
PS 701.A8 Allen, James, 1730-1808
PS 703.A7 Arnold, Josias Lyndon, 1768-1796
PS 704-705 Barlow, Joel, 1754-1812
PS 707.B2 Barton, Andrew
PS 707.B4 Belknap, Jeremy, 1744-1798
PS 708.B3 Bleecker, Ann Eliza, 1752-1783
PS 708.B5 Breckenridge, Hugh Henry
PS 708.B7 Bradford, William, 1590-1657
PS 711-712 Bradstreet, Anne, 1612-1672
  Brown, Charles Brockden see PS1130+
PS 715.B6 Brown, William Hill, 1765-1793
PS 715.B76 Brown, William Wells, 1814-1884
PS 721.B35 Burke, John, 1714-1808
PS 721.B5 Byles, Mather, 1706-1788
PS 727.C326 Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839
PS 728.C7 Cliffton, William, 1771-1799
PS 734-735 Cotton, John, 1585-1652
PS 737.C42 Cradock, Thomas, 1718-1770
PS 737.C5 St. John de Crèvecoeur, J. Hector, 1735-1813
PS 737.D35 Digges, Thomas Attwood, 1742-1821
PS 737.D45 Dodge, Paul, 1777-1808
PS 739 Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817
PS 741-742 Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758
See also B870+ Philosophy
PS 744.E6 Evans, Nathaniel, 1742-1767
PS 744.F7 Foster, Hannah Webster, 1759-1840
PS 745-752 Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
  - Collected works see E302.F82
- PS 746 - Anthologies. Sayings. Thoughts, etc.
- PS 748-749 - Separate works
- - PS 749 - - Poor Richard's almanac
- PS 750.A-Z - Other works, A-Z
  - - Way to health see E302.6.F7+
- PS 751 - Literary biography. Franklin as a man of letters
General biography see E302.F82
- PS 752 - Criticism
PS 755-759 Freneau, Philip Morin, 1752-1832
PS 761 Godfrey, Thomas, 1736-1763
PS 763.G6 Grave, John
PS 763.H35 Hamilton, Alexander, 1712-1756
PS 766 Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804
See also E302.H2+ Collected works; E302.6.H2 Biography
PS 767.H15 Hammon, Jupiter, 1711-ca. 1800
PS 767.H3 Harris, Thaddeus Mason, 1768-1842
PS 775-776 Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791
PS 778.H5 Humphreys, David, 1752-1818
PS 805 Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728
See also F67.M42+ Biography
PS 808.M73 Morton, Thomas, 1575-1646
PS 808.M8 Murray, Judith Sargent, 1751-1820
PS 813.P6 Pain, Philip, d.1668
PS 820.P4 Peck, John, 1735-1812
PS 821 Penn, William, 1644-1718
PS 829.R6 Rogers, Robert, 1731-1795
PS 829.R8 Rose, Aquila, 1695-1723
PS 843.S7 Stearns, Charles, 1753-1826
PS 847.S4 Stockton, Annis Boudinot, 1736-1801
PS 850.T2 Taylor, Edward, 1642-1729
PS 850.T45 Tompson, Benjamin, 1642-1714
PS 852-853 Trumbull, John, 1756-1843
PS 855.T2 Tucker, St. George, 1752-1827
PS 855.T7 Tyler, Royall, 1757-1826
PS 857.W358 Walter, Nehemiah, 1663-1750
PS 858.W2 Ward, Nathaniel, 1578-1652
PS 858.W8 Warren, Mercy Otis, 1728-1814
PS 866.W5 Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784
PS 871-872 Wigglesworth, Michael, 1631-1705
PS 875.W74 Winkfield, Unca Eliza, pseud.
PS 891-892 Woolman, John, 1720-1772