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PS 501-507 - Collections of American literature

Call Number Subject
PS 501 Periodicals. Societies. Serials
PS 504 General works
Collections before 1800 see PS530+
PS 507 Selections. Anthologies, etc.
See also PN6075+ Selections for daily reading

PS 508 - Special classes of authors, A-Z

Call Number Subject
PS 508.A42 Adult child abuse victims
PS 508.A44 Aged. Older people
PS 508.A67 Arab American authors
PS 508.A7 Armenian authors
PS 508.A8 Asian American authors
PS 508.B74 Breast cancer patients
PS 508.C27 Caribbean American authors
PS 508.C5 Children
PS 508.C6 College students
PS 508.C83 Cuban Americans
PS 508.D43 Deaf authors
PS 508.F66 Folklorists
PS 508.G39 Gays
PS 508.H33 Haitian Americans
PS 508.H57 Hispanic Americans
PS 508.H63 Hmong Americans
PS 508.H65 Homeless persons
PS 508.I45 Immigrants
PS 508.I5 Indian authors
PS 508.I69 Iranian American authors
PS 508.I73 Italian Americans
PS 508.J4 Jewish authors
PS 508.K67 Korean Americans
PS 508.M35 Medical personnel
PS 508.M4 Mexican American authors
Including works by Mexican American (Chicano) authors
writing in English or mixed English-Spanish
PS 508.M54 Minority authors
PS 508.M67 Mormon authors
PS 508.N3 Negroes. African Americans. Blacks
PS 508.N4 Newspaper contributors
PS 508.N87 Nurses
PS 508.P56 People with disabilities
PS 508.P7 Prisoners
PS 508.P84 Puerto Rican authors
PS 508.S43 Secondary school students
PS 508.S48 Sexual abuse victims
PS 508.S49 Sexual minorities
PS 508.S6 Soldiers
PS 508.S67 South Asian American authors
PS 508.S83 Stevedores
PS 508.T73 Transsexuals
PS 508.V45 Veterans
PS 508.W7 Women
PS 508.W73 Working class
PS 508.Y68 Youth

PS 509 - Special topics (Prose & verse), A-Z

For collections on special topics by a specific class of author see PS508.A+

Call Number Subject
PS 509.A37 Aging
PS 509.A4 Agriculture
PS 509.A43 AIDS (Disease)
PS 509.A45 Airports
PS 509.A76 Art
PS 509.A89 Automobile driving. Automobile travel. Automobiles
PS 509.B37 Baseball
PS 509.B39 Beatles (Musical group)
PS 509.B47 Berkeley (Calif.)
PS 509.B5 Birds
PS 509.B665 Boston (Mass.)
PS 509.C5157 Childlessness
PS 509.C519 Children & politics
PS 509.C52 Children with disabilities
PS 509.C55 Christian literature
PS 509.C56 Christmas
PS 509.C587 Cocaine habit. Cocaine
PS 509.C82 Cuba
PS 509.D75 Drinking customs
PS 509.E7 Erotic literature
PS 509.F27 Family
PS 509.F28 Family violence
PS 509.F3 Fantasy
PS 509.F34 Fathers. Fatherhood
Including fathers & daughters, fathers & sons
PS 509.F44 Feminism
PS 509.F56 Flight
PS 509.F7 Frontier & pioneer life
PS 509.G57 Girls
PS 509.H28 Hair
PS 509.H5 Historical & patriotic
PS 509.H55 Holidays
PS 509.H57 Homosexuality
PS 509.H59 Horror
PS 509.H8 Humor
PS 509.H85 Hunting
PS 509.J33 Jazz
PS 509.L47 Lesbianism
PS 509.L94 Lynching
PS 509.M46 Men
PS 509.M5 Minorities
PS 509.M6 Mother
PS 509.M67 Motorcycles. Motorcycling. Motorcyclists
PS 509.N3 Nature
PS 509.N4 Negroes. African Americans. Blacks
PS 509.N5 New York City
PS 509.P28 Paris (France)
PS 509.P6 Poe, Edgar Allan
PS 509.P63 Poor children
PS 509.P67 Pregnancy
PS 509.P83 Public libraries
PS 509.R6 Rome (City)
PS 509.S34 Sea. Ocean
PS 509.S35 Seashore
PS 509.S436 Slavery
PS 509.S46 Social classes
PS 509.S5 Social problems
PS 509.S56 Sonoran Desert
PS 509.S65 Sports
PS 509.S8 Students
PS 509.T37 Technology
PS 509.T45 Terrorism
PS 509.T57 Titanic Steamship)
PS 509.U52 United States
PS 509.V53 Vietnam War, 1961-1975
PS 509.W3 War
PS 509.W4 Whaling
PS 509.W47 The West
PS 509.W6 Women
PS 509.W66 World War II
PS 509.Y44 Yellowstone National Park