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Social Science Statistics & Data Sources

Social Sciences & Graduate Engagement Librarian

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Corinne Bishop
John C. Hitt Library (Main)
& Downtown Campus Library

Social Science Librarians

This guide provides information about  selected Social Science statistical sources and data sources that cover: Archaeology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Public Opinion, Sociology, and multidisciplinary areas.

Please contact your subject liaison (listed below by programs) using their online calendar link for assistance with questions about statistical sources and data/datasets.

  • Corinne Bishop -- Interdisciplinary Studies & Political Science, Public Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Design & Technology, Methodology Measurement & Analysis, Applied Learning, and Learning Sciences

Statistics & Data Sources

Statistics interpret or summarize numerical data, and data is the raw information from which statistics are created. Datasets are machine-readable data files used with statistical software programs.

Getting started questions to identify relevant statistics and data/datasets:

  • Which government agency might collect relevant information? 
    (U.S. Census Bureau, Federal Election Commission, ...)
  • Which non-government organizations (non-commercial/nonprofits) might collect relevant information? 
    (United Nations, World Health Org, Intl Monetary Fund ...)
  • Which academic research institutions (public & private) might collect relevant information? 
    (American National Election Studies, ..)
  • Which private sector organizations might collect information? 
    (Rand Corporation, Pew Research, ...)