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Video Resources

General Tips

  • Use the best quality video and audio equipment possible
  • Always leave yourself plenty of time to shoot your videos
  • When recording a voiceover, speak with enthusiasm
  • When possible, use the same recording equipment and record in the same conditions to maintain consistency
  • Always shoot in landscape mode


Best Practices

  • Minimize distractions (hide bookmarks, record in full screen mode)
  • Avoid recording screenshots that will date the video 
  • Avoid the split-attention effect (when the text on the screen doesn't match the voiceover or action)

There are a range of programs one can use to create a screencast. Here are just a few with links to tutorials.

Program Tutorials

Record a slide show with narration and slide timings

Turn your presentation into a video


All about recording

All about screensharing

Annotation tools

Loom Getting started 
FlashBack recorder


Tutorial of FlashBack Express

Screencast-o-matic Recording
Camtasia 2021 (available on the production lab computer only) Video Tutorials


While our Adobe Creative Cloud subscription does provide access to animation programs, most of those programs require expertise to create animated videos. There are other programs available that are designed for educators and provide easy-to-use templates. PowToons, Animaker, and Vyond are a few well-known programs. Most of these programs are subscription based, with the free versions offering fewer features than the paid versions. Here's a chart with links to more information about what's included in the free version of two popular ones.

Program Included in Free Version Tutorials

Max length of video is 3 minutes

Free version has PowToons branding

Limited to a total of 100 recordings

Storage up to 100 MB is available

QuickStart Guide

5 video downloads per month with watermark

10 gif downloads per month

10 free music tracks per month

HD quality

How to make animated videos: tutorial for beginners

Simple animated videos can also be created using the animation effects in MS PowerPoint. You can find many tutorials online, like this "How to Create Animated Videos with PowerPoint," showing how to do this.