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ART 5284 - Design Theory & Methods

Introduction to semiotic theory, communication theory, perceptual codes, human factors and visual rhetoric.

Session Outline

Instruction session outline:

  1. Conceptualize your topic and prepare for research
  2. Select library resources for research in Art, Digital Media, and related domains
  3. Search well - techniques for best results in online databases
  4. Get to the full content of articles, books, and media.
  5. Capture and organize citation information with RefWorks or EndNote as you search and output formatted works cited.
  6. Options for more instruction and help.

Conceptualizing Your Research: Art

Questions to help you prepare for a literature review:

  • What are the core concepts for your project or research?
  • What are the core disciplines? Closely related disciplines?
  • How comprehensive do you need to be in your literature review?
  • What time span is relevant?
  • Which individuals and organizations are likely to publish content on your topic and why?

How to conduct a Literature Review

Books on Research Methods in the Arts

Self-paced Tutorials to Learn More About Library Research